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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 6/2019

Uitgave 6/2019

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06-02-2019 | Review | Uitgave 6/2019

Health-related quality of life among children, adolescents, and adults with bladder exstrophy–epispadias complex: a systematic review of the literature and recommendations for future research

Michaela Dellenmark-Blom, Sofia Sjöström, Kate Abrahamsson, Gundela Holmdahl

18-12-2018 | Review | Uitgave 6/2019

Health-related quality of life among adults living with diabetic foot ulcers: a meta-analysis

Saneh Khunkaew, Ritin Fernandez, Jenny Sim

21-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

ICECAP-O, the current state of play: a systematic review of studies reporting the psychometric properties and use of the instrument over the decade since its publication

Louise Proud, Carol McLoughlin, Philip Kinghorn

23-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Leveraging Latent Dirichlet Allocation in processing free-text personal goals among patients undergoing bladder cancer surgery

Yuelin Li, Bruce Rapkin, Thomas M. Atkinson, Elizabeth Schofield, Bernard H. Bochner

14-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Prevalence of mental health conditions and pain in adults with skeletal dysplasia

Sarah E. Jennings, Colleen P. Ditro, Michael B. Bober, William G. Mackenzie, Kenneth J. Rogers, Laura Conway, Angela L. Duker

10-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Using health-related quality of life to predict cardiovascular disease events

Laura C. Pinheiro, Evgeniya Reshetnyak, Madeline R. Sterling, Joshua S. Richman, Lisa M. Kern, Monika M. Safford

21-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Health-related quality of life in hepatitis C patients who achieve sustained virological response to direct-acting antivirals: a comparison with the general population

Regina Juanbeltz, Jesús Castilla, Iván Martínez-Baz, Aisling O’Leary, Maite Sarobe, Ramón San Miguel

21-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Modality transition on renal replacement therapy and quality of life of patients: a 10-year follow-up cohort study

Daniela Cristina Sampaio de Brito, Elaine Leandro Machado, Ilka Afonso Reis, Daniela Pena Moreira, Thiago Henrique Mascarenhas Nébias, Mariângela Leal Cherchiglia

05-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Meeting physical activity recommendations is associated with health-related quality of life in women before and after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

Fanny Sellberg, Sofie Possmark, Mikaela Willmer, Per Tynelius, Margareta Persson, Daniel Berglind

25-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

The effects of clinical illness severity and physical activity on health-related quality of life in schizophrenia

Mei San Ang, Milawaty Nurjono, Jimmy Lee

07-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Diversity in changes of HRQoL over a 1-year period after radiotherapy in Norwegian breast cancer patients: results of cluster analyses

Magdalena Anna Lazarewicz, Dorota Wlodarczyk, Steinar Lundgren, Randi Johansen Reidunsdatter

07-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

The combined polymorphisms of interleukin-6-174GG genotype and interleukin-10 ATA haplotype are associated with a poor quality of life in patients with chronic hepatitis C

Diego Alves Vieira, Luciana Rodrigues da Cunha, Cliviany Borges da Silva, Maria Thereza Bastos Almeida, Adriana Dias Gomes, César Lúcio Lopes de Faria Jr., Rosângela Teixeira, Fernando Silva Neves, Gifone Aguiar Rocha, Fabrício Freire de Melo, Dulciene Maria de Magalhães Queiroz, Luciana Diniz Silva

20-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

A pilot study on aesthetic treatments performed by qualified aesthetic practitioners: efficacy on health-related quality of life in breast cancer patients

Serena Oliveri, Flavia Faccio, Silvia Pizzoli, Dario Monzani, Carolina Redaelli, Mirella Indino, Gabriella Pravettoni

06-03-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Psychosocial measures and weight change in a clinical paediatric population with obesity

Brooke E. Harcourt, Anke Pons, Kung-Ting Kao, Celia Twindyakirana, Erin Alexander, Sarah Haberle, Zoe McCallum, Matthew A. Sabin

12-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Association of nutritional status and health-related quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease

Matthew Harmer, Stephen Wootton, Rodney Gilbert, Caroline Anderson

25-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Advancing the use of patient-reported outcomes in practice: understanding challenges, opportunities, and the potential of health information technology

Chun-Ju Hsiao, Christine Dymek, Bryan Kim, Brigid Russell

13-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Patient versus proxy response on global health scales: no meaningful DIFference

Brittany R. Lapin, Nicolas R. Thompson, Andrew Schuster, Irene L. Katzan

26-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Multidimensionality of the PROMIS self-efficacy measure for managing chronic conditions

Mi Jung Lee, Sergio Romero, Craig A. Velozo, Ann L. Gruber-Baldini, Lisa M. Shulman

25-01-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Psychometric properties and correlates of a brief scale measuring the psychological construct mattering to others in a sample of women recovering from breast cancer

Samantha M. Davis, Stephen J. Lepore, Levent Dumenci

27-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Measuring fatigue in cancer patients: a common metric for six fatigue instruments

Michael Friedrich, Andreas Hinz, Susanne Kuhnt, Thomas Schulte, Matthias Rose, Felix Fischer

09-03-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Supporting construct validity of the Evaluation of Daily Activity Questionnaire using Linear Logistic Test Models

Núria Duran Adroher, Alan Tennant

22-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Comprehensive validation of the functional assessment of anorexia/cachexia therapy (FAACT) anorexia/cachexia subscale (A/CS) in lung cancer patients with involuntary weight loss

Heather L. Gelhorn, Katharine S. Gries, Rebecca M. Speck, Elizabeth M. Duus, Richard K. Bourne, Dimple Aggarwal, David Cella

18-03-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019 Open Access

Development and validation of the caregiver roles and responsibilities scale in cancer caregivers

Valerie Shilling, Rachel Starkings, Valerie Jenkins, David Cella, Lesley Fallowfield

21-03-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Psychometric properties of the Mandarin Chinese version of the KIDSCREEN-52 health-related quality of life questionnaire in adolescents: a cross-sectional study

Yuhang Zhu, Juan Li, Shanju Hu, Xiaoxue Li, Di Wu, Shuai Teng

14-02-2019 | Uitgave 6/2019

Nonrestorative sleep scale: reliable and valid for the Chinese population

S. Li, D. Y. T. Fong, J. Y. H. Wong, K. Wilkinson, C. Shapiro, E. P. H. Choi, B. McPherson, C. L. K. Lam, M. S. M. Ip

21-02-2019 | Correction | Uitgave 6/2019

Correction to: The impact of caregiver’s role preference on decisional conflicts and psychiatric distresses in decision making to help caregiver’s disclosure of terminal disease status

Shin Hye Yoo, Young Ho Yun, Kyoung-Nam Kim, Jung Lim Lee, Jeanno Park, Youn Seon Choi, Yeun Keun Lim, Samyong Kim, Hyun Sik Jeong, Jung Hun Kang, Ho-Suk Oh, Ji Chan Park, Si-Young Kim, Hong Suk Song, Keun Seok Lee, Dae Seog Heo, Young Seon Hong

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