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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 2/2020

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Experiences of breast cancer in Arab countries. A thematic synthesis

D. Fearon, S. Hughes, S. G. Brearley

Open Access

Strategies to improve patient-reported outcome completion rates in longitudinal studies

Lene Kongsgaard Nielsen, Madeleine King, Sören Möller, Mary Jarden, Christen Lykkegaard Andersen, Henrik Frederiksen, Henrik Gregersen, Anja Klostergaard, Morten Saaby Steffensen, Per Trøllund Pedersen, Maja Hinge, Mikael Frederiksen, Bo Amdi Jensen, Carsten Helleberg, Anne Kærsgaard Mylin, Niels Abildgaard

Open Access

Capturing the patient voice: implementing patient-reported outcomes across the health system

Elizabeth Austin, Cynthia LeRouge, Andrea L. Hartzler, Courtney Segal, Danielle C. Lavallee

Ixekizumab treatment and the impact on SF-36: results from three pivotal phase III randomised controlled trials in patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis

Richard G. B. Langley, Kristian Reich, Vibeke Strand, Steven R. Feldman, Carle Paul, Kenneth Gordon, Richard B. Warren, Darryl Toth, Enkeleida Nikaï, Baojin Zhu, Orin Goldblum, Emily Edson-Heredia, Hilde Carlier, Russel Burge, Chen-Yen Lin, Kristin Hollister, Matthias Augustin

The influence of the Pilates method on quality of life and bone remodelling in older women: a controlled study

Nathalia Regina Sabatini Gandolfi, Jose Eduardo Corrente, Alberto De Vitta, Loraine Gollino, Gláucia Maria Ferreira da Silva Mazeto

Health-related quality of life and depressive symptoms in Friedreich ataxia

Javier Pérez-Flores, Atteneri Hernández-Torres, Fernando Montón, Antonieta Nieto

Profiles of depressive symptoms and the association with anxiety and quality of life in breast cancer survivors: a latent profile analysis

Eun-Jung Shim, Donghee Jeong, Hyeong-Gon Moon, Dong-Young Noh, So-Youn Jung, Eunsook Lee, Zisun Kim, Hyun Jo Youn, Jihyoung Cho, Jung Eun Lee

Associations between interim patient-reported outcome measures and functional status at discharge from rehabilitation for non-specific lumbar impairments

Mark W. Werneke, Daniel Deutscher, Julie Fritz, Michael A. Kallen, Karon F. Cook, Deanna Hayes, Jerome E. Mioduski, Linda J. Woodhouse

Open Access

Exploring self-report and proxy-report quality-of-life measures for people living with dementia in care homes

Alys W. Griffiths, Sarah J. Smith, Adam Martin, David Meads, Rachael Kelley, Claire A. Surr

Private religion/spirituality, self-rated health, and mental health among US South Asians

Blake Victor Kent, Samuel Stroope, Alka M. Kanaya, Ying Zhang, Namratha R. Kandula, Alexandra E. Shields

Open Access

Health-related quality of life among Syrian refugees resettled in Sweden

Maria Gottvall, Sara Sjölund, Charlotta Arwidson, Fredrik Saboonchi

Self- and parent-reported Quality of Life 7 years after severe childhood traumatic brain injury in the Traumatisme Grave de l’Enfant cohort: associations with objective and subjective factors and outcomes

Hugo Câmara-Costa, Marion Opatowski, Leila Francillette, Hanna Toure, Dominique Brugel, Anne Laurent-Vannier, Philippe Meyer, Laurence Watier, Georges Dellatolas, Mathilde Chevignard

PROMIS Global Health item nonresponse: is it better to impute missing item responses before computing T-scores?

Nicolas R. Thompson, Irene L. Katzan, Ryan D. Honomichl, Brittany R. Lapin

Test–retest reliability of ICECAP-A in the adult Danish population

Annette Willemoes Holst-Kristensen, Kirsten Fonager, Kjeld Møller Pedersen

Open Access

Development of a tool to assess oral health-related quality of life in patients hospitalised in critical care

Federico Moreno Sancho, Georgios Tsakos, David Brealey, David Boniface, Ian Needleman

Development and clinimetric properties of the Dutch Breast Edema Questionnaire (BrEQ-Dutch version) to diagnose the presence of breast edema in breast cancer patients

Hanne Verbelen, Tessa De Vrieze, Timia Van Soom, Jill Meirte, Mireille Van Goethem, Godelieve Hufkens, Wiebren Tjalma, Nick Gebruers