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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 11/2017

Uitgave 11/2017

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26-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Health-related quality of life as measured by the EQ-5D in the prevention, screening and management of cervical disease: A systematic review

A. Ó Céilleachair, J. F. O’Mahony, M. O’Connor, J. O’Leary, C. Normand, C. Martin, L. Sharp

13-07-2017 | Review | Uitgave 11/2017

The quality of life of older people aging in place: a literature review

Patricia Vanleerberghe, Nico De Witte, Claudia Claes, Robert L. Schalock, Dominique Verté

23-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Item usage in a multidimensional computerized adaptive test (MCAT) measuring health-related quality of life

Muirne C. S. Paap, Karel A. Kroeze, Caroline B. Terwee, Job van der Palen, Bernard P. Veldkamp

13-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Psychometric evaluation of an item bank for computerized adaptive testing of the EORTC QLQ-C30 cognitive functioning dimension in cancer patients

Linda Dirven, Mogens Groenvold, Martin J. B. Taphoorn, Thierry Conroy, Krzysztof A. Tomaszewski, Teresa Young, Morten Aa. Petersen, on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group

27-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Longitudinal validity and reliability of the Myeloma Patient Outcome Scale (MyPOS) was established using traditional, generalizability and Rasch psychometric methods

Christina Ramsenthaler, Wei Gao, Richard J. Siegert, Steve A. Schey, Poly M. Edmonds, Irene J. Higginson

21-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Measuring everyday functional competence using the Rasch assessment of everyday activity limitations (REAL) item bank

Martijn A. H. Oude Voshaar, Peter M. ten Klooster, Harald E. Vonkeman, Mart A. F. J. van de Laar

17-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Idio Scale Judgment: evaluation of a new method for estimating responder thresholds

Karon F. Cook, Michael A. Kallen, Cheryl D. Coon, David Victorson, Deborah M. Miller

05-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Evaluating measurement invariance across assessment modes of phone interview and computer self-administered survey for the PROMIS measures in a population-based cohort of localized prostate cancer survivors

Mian Wang, Ronald C. Chen, Deborah S. Usinger, Bryce B. Reeve

24-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Viability of the World Health Organization quality of life measure to assess changes in quality of life following treatment for alcohol use disorder

Megan Kirouac, Elizabeth R. Stein, Matthew R. Pearson, Katie Witkiewitz

20-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the EORTC chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy questionnaire (QLQ-CIPN20)

Jacobien M. Kieffer, Tjeerd J. Postma, Lonneke van de Poll-Franse, Floortje Mols, Jan J. Heimans, Guido Cavaletti, Neil K. Aaronson, In Collaboration with the CI-PeriNomS Group

22-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Children’s family experiences: development of the PROMIS® pediatric family relationships measures

Katherine B. Bevans, Anne W. Riley, Jeanne M. Landgraf, Adam C. Carle, Rachel E. Teneralli, Barbara H. Fiese, Lisa J. Meltzer, Anna K. Ettinger, Brandon D. Becker, Christopher B. Forrest

10-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Mapping of the DLQI scores to EQ-5D utility values using ordinal logistic regression

Faraz Mahmood Ali, Richard Kay, Andrew Y. Finlay, Vincent Piguet, Joerg Kupfer, Florence Dalgard, M. Sam Salek

21-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Socio-demographic, clinical characteristics and utilization of mental health care services associated with SF-6D utility scores in patients with mental disorders: contributions of the quantile regression

Amélie Prigent PhD, Blaise Kamendje-Tchokobou MD, Karine Chevreul MD, PhD

07-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Establishing benchmark EQ-5D-3L population health state utilities and identifying their correlates in Gansu Province, China

Lei Si, Lei Shi, Mingsheng Chen, Andrew J. Palmer

29-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017 Open Access

Long-term QALY-weights among spouses of dependent and independent midlife stroke survivors

Josefine Persson, Mattias Aronsson, Lukas Holmegaard, Petra Redfors, Kaj Stenlöf, Katarina Jood, Christina Jern, Christian Blomstrand, Gunilla Forsberg-Wärleby, Lars-Åke Levin

03-07-2017 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 11/2017

Reduction of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) in patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)

Kazuo Yamada, Eiichiro Kamagata

28-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Resilience to health challenges is related to different ways of thinking: mediators of physical and emotional quality of life in a heterogeneous rare-disease cohort

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Wesley Michael, Bruce D. Rapkin

12-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

In-person and online social participation and emotional health in individuals with multiple sclerosis

Alica Sparling, Lauren A. Stutts, Haley Sanner, Marleen M. Eijkholt

20-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Biopsychosocial factors predict quality of life in thoracolumbar spine surgery

Dean A. Tripp, Edward Abraham, Maude Lambert, Kate Wagg, Erin Bigney, Eden Daly, Phylicia Verreault, Neil Manson

20-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Health-related quality of life in paediatric patients with congenital heart defects: association with the type of heart defect and the surgical technique

A. Heusch, H. J. Kahl, K. O. Hensel, G. Calaminus

03-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Use-of-time and health-related quality of life in 10- to 13-year-old children: not all screen time or physical activity minutes are the same

Margarita D. Tsiros, Michelle G. Samaras, Alison M. Coates, Timothy Olds

04-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Physical activity, bowel function, and quality of life among rectal cancer survivors

Robert S. Krouse, Christopher S. Wendel, David O. Garcia, Marcia Grant, Larissa K. F. Temple, Scott B. Going, Mark C. Hornbrook, Joanna E. Bulkley, Carmit K. McMullen, Lisa J. Herrinton

15-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

A comparison of perceptions of quality of life among adults with spinal cord injury in the United States versus the United Kingdom

Alina Palimaru, William E. Cunningham, Marcus Dillistone, Arturo Vargas-Bustamante, Honghu Liu, Ron D. Hays

13-07-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Understanding the post-surgical bariatric experiences of patients two or more years after surgery

Rebecca H. Liu, Jennifer D. Irwin

14-06-2017 | Uitgave 11/2017

Health-related quality of life of a very special population: monks of Holy Mountain Athos, Greece

K. Merakou, E. Kyklou, E. Antoniadou, D. Theodoridis, E. Doufexis, A. Barbouni

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