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Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2022

Inhoudsopgave (27 Artikelen)

Original Article

Relearning can eliminate the effect of retrieval-induced forgetting

Benjamin C. Storm, Julia S. Soares

Open Access Original Article

Negative affordance effect: automatic response inhibition triggered by handle orientation of non-target object

L. Vainio, K. Tiippana, T. Peromaa, C. Kuuramo, I. Kurki

Original Article

The effect of the brightness metaphor on memory

Shijia Zhang, Jianhong Zheng, Lei Mo

Original Article

Who did I lie to that day? Deception impairs memory in daily life

Yan Li, Zhiwei Liu, Xiping Liu

Open Access Original Article

The working memory costs of a central attentional bottleneck in multitasking

Pauldy C. J. Otermans, Andrew Parton, Andre J. Szameitat

Open Access Original Article

Return-sweep saccades in oral reading

Victoria I. Adedeji, Martin R. Vasilev, Julie A. Kirkby, Timothy J. Slattery

Open Access Original Article

The effect of visually manipulating back size and morphology on back perception, body ownership, and attitudes towards self-capacity during a lifting task

Kristy Themelis, Natasha Ratcliffe, Tomohiko Nishigami, Benedict M. Wand, Roger Newport, Tasha R. Stanton

Original Article

Diametrical modulation of tactile and visual perceptual thresholds during the rubber hand illusion: a predictive coding account

Alice Rossi Sebastiano, Valentina Bruno, Irene Ronga, Carlotta Fossataro, Mattia Galigani, Marco Neppi-Modona, Francesca Garbarini

Original Article

Can the early visual processing of others’ actions be related to social power and dominance?

Jérémy Decroix, Laurent Ott, Nicolas Morgado, Solène Kalénine

Open Access Original Article

The characterization of actions at the superordinate, basic and subordinate level

Tonghe Zhuang, Angelika Lingnau

Original Article

Posture biofeedback increases cognitive load

Jason L. Baer, Anita Vasavada, Rajal G. Cohen

Open Access Original Article

When eyes beat lips: speaker gaze affects audiovisual integration in the McGurk illusion

Basil Wahn, Laura Schmitz, Alan Kingstone, Anne Böckler-Raettig

Original Article

Interactive modulations between congruency sequence effects and validity sequence effects

Qian Qian, Yingna Li, Miao Song, Yong Feng, Yunfa Fu, Keizo Shinomori

Original Article

On preventing attention capture: Is singleton suppression actually singleton suppression?

Mei-Ching Lien, Eric Ruthruff, Christopher Hauck

Original Article

The effects of real-time performance feedback and performance emphasis on the sustained attention to response task (SART)

Justin M. Mensen, Jasmine S. Dang, Andrew J. Stets, William S. Helton

Original Article

Training the attentional blink: subclinical depression decreases learning potential

Jing Wang, Yuejia Luo, Andre Aleman, Sander Martens

Original Article

Building and validation of a set of facial expression images to detect emotions: a transcultural study

Julian Tejada, Raquel Meister Ko Freitag, Bruno Felipe Marques Pinheiro, Paloma Batista Cardoso, Victor Rene Andrade Souza, Lucas Santos Silva

Open Access Original Article

Investigating time-based expectancy beyond binary timing scenarios: evidence from a paradigm employing three predictive pre-target intervals

Stefanie Aufschnaiter, Fang Zhao, Robert Gaschler, Andrea Kiesel, Roland Thomaschke

Open Access Original Article

Regional accents modulate perspective in geographical space

Enrique García-Marco, Itatí Branca, Dolores Castillo, Inmaculada León, David Beltrán, Manuel de Vega

Original Article

Temporal integration of feature probability distributions

Sabrina Hansmann-Roth, Sóley Þorsteinsdóttir, Joy J. Geng, Árni Kristjánsson

Original Article

It is not always positive: emotional bias in young and older adults

Giada Viviani, Francesca De Luca, Gabriella Antonucci, Alla Yankouskaya, Anna Pecchinenda


Correction to: Modelling concrete and abstract concepts using brain-constrained deep neural networks

Malte R. Henningsen-Schomers, Friedemann Pulvermüller