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Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2020

Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

Are age-related deficits in route learning related to control of visual attention?

Christopher Hilton, Sebastien Miellet, Timothy J. Slattery, Jan Wiener

Original Article

Deaf signers outperform hearing non-signers in recognizing happy facial expressions

Christian Dobel, Bettina Nestler-Collatz, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Romi Zäske

Original Article

The effects of early schema acquisition on mathematical problem solving

Daniel Corral, Jill L. Quilici, Abraham M. Rutchick

Original Article

Wikipedia outperforms individuals when it comes to hindsight bias

Aileen Oeberst, Ina von der Beck, Ulrike Cress, Steffen Nestler

Original Article

Dissociative associative-memory deficit as a function of primacy and recency effects

Jonathan Guez, Rotem Saar-Ashkenazy, Chen Tiferet-Dweck

Original Article

Musical dynamics in early triadic interactions: a case study

Nicolás Alessandroni, Ana Moreno-Núñez, Cintia Rodríguez, María Jesús Del Olmo

Original Article

Does watching Han Solo or C-3PO similarly influence our language processing?

Sophie-Anne Beauprez, Christel Bidet-Ildei, Kazuo Hiraki

Original Article

Effects of neurofeedback and working memory-combined training on executive functions in healthy young adults

Shirley Gordon, Doron Todder, Inbal Deutsch, Dror Garbi, Oren Alkobi, Oren Shriki, Anat Shkedy-Rabani, Nitzan Shahar, Nachshon Meiran

Original Article

Task structure boundaries affect response preparation

Savannah L. Cookson, Eliot Hazeltine, Eric H. Schumacher

Original Article

Intelligence and working memory: evidence from administering the WAIS-IV to Italian adults and elderly

Erika Borella, Lina Pezzuti, Rossana De Beni, Cesare Cornoldi

Original Article

The role of proactive interference in working memory training and transfer

Thomas S. Redick, Elizabeth A. Wiemers, Randall W. Engle

Original Article

The effects of music on spatial reasoning

Caterina Padulo, Nicola Mammarella, Alfredo Brancucci, Mario Altamura, Beth Fairfield

Original Article

Motor imagery entails task-set inhibition

Juliane Scheil, Thomas Kleinsorge, Baptist Liefooghe

Original Article

The primacy order effect in complex decision making

Arnaud Rey, Kévin Le Goff, Marlène Abadie, Pierre Courrieu

Original Article

Measuring spontaneous mentalizing with a ball detection task: putting the attention-check hypothesis by Phillips and colleagues (2015) to the test

Rachida El Kaddouri, Lara Bardi, Diana De Bremaeker, Marcel Brass, Jan R. Wiersema

Original Article

Attribution of vision and knowledge in ‘spontaneous perspective taking’

Abbie C. Millett, Antonia D. C. D’Souza, Geoff G. Cole