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Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2018

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Original Article

Why free choices take longer than forced choices: evidence from response threshold manipulations

Christoph Naefgen, Michael Dambacher, Markus Janczyk

Original Article

Distinct and flexible rates of online control

John de Grosbois, Luc Tremblay

Open Access Original Article

Visuomotor and motorvisual priming with different types of set-level congruency: evidence in support of ideomotor theory, and the planning and control model (PCM)

Roland Thomaschke, R. Christopher Miall, Miriam Rueß, Puja R. Mehta, Brian Hopkins

Original Article

Perceptual similarity induces overinvestment in an attentional blink task

Ellen MacLellan, David I. Shore, Bruce Milliken

Original Article

Intentional binding of two effects

Miriam Ruess, Roland Thomaschke, Carola Haering, Dorit Wenke, Andrea Kiesel

Original Article

Action–effects enhance explicit sequential learning

Sarah Esser, Hilde Haider

Original Article

The processing of price comparison is not holistic but componential

Pedro Macizo, Fernando Ojedo

Original Article

Synchronization to metrical levels in music depends on low-frequency spectral components and tempo

Birgitta Burger, Justin London, Marc R. Thompson, Petri Toiviainen

Open Access Original Article

Are young children able to learn exploratory strategies by observation?

Francesca Foti, Domenico Martone, Stefania Orrù, Simone Montuori, Esther Imperlini, Pasqualina Buono, Laura Petrosini, Laura Mandolesi