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Psychological Research 6/2017
Psychological Research

Uitgave 6/2017


Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access 12-09-2016 | Original Article

HiTEC: a connectionist model of the interaction between perception and action planning
Pascal Haazebroek, Antonino Raffone, Bernhard Hommel

21-09-2016 | Original Article

The role of executive control in the activation of manual affordances
Nikolay Dagaev, Yury Shtyrov, Andriy Myachykov

27-09-2016 | Original Article

How different location modes influence responses in a Simon-like task
Chunming Luo, Robert W. Proctor

20-09-2016 | Original Article

Mobilizing cognition for speeded action: try-harder instructions promote motivated readiness in the constant-foreperiod paradigm
Michael B. Steinborn, Robert Langner, Lynn Huestegge

17-10-2016 | Original Article

Orthogonal-compatibility effects confound automatic imitation: implications for measuring self–other distinction
Daniel Joel Shaw, Kristína Czekóová, Michaela Porubanová

Open Access 15-10-2016 | Original Article

No evidence for shared representations of task sets in joint task switching
Motonori Yamaguchi, Helen J. Wall, Bernhard Hommel

21-11-2016 | Erratum

Erratum to: No evidence for shared representations of task sets in joint task switching
Motonori Yamaguchi, Helen J. Wall, Bernhard Hommel

23-09-2016 | Original Article

Hitting is male, giving is female: automatic imitation and complementarity during action observation
Luisa Lugli, Anna Chiara Obertis, Anna M. Borghi

15-10-2016 | Original Article

Approaching behavior reduces gender differences in the mental rotation performance
Petra Jansen, Sandra Kaltner, Daniel Memmert

07-09-2016 | Original Article

Do experts see it in slow motion? Altered timing of action simulation uncovers domain-specific perceptual processing in expert athletes
Carmelo M. Vicario, Stergios Makris, Cosimo Urgesi

12-10-2016 | Original Article

Reading sentences describing high- or low-pitched auditory events: only pianists show evidence for a horizontal space-pitch association
Sibylla Wolter, Carolin Dudschig, Barbara Kaup

13-10-2016 | Original Article

A kinematic examination of hand perception
Lara A. Coelho, Giovanna Zaninelli, Claudia L. R. Gonzalez

26-10-2016 | Original Article

The effect of facial expressions on peripersonal and interpersonal spaces
Gennaro Ruggiero, Francesca Frassinetti, Yann Coello, Mariachiara Rapuano, Armando Schiano di Cola, Tina Iachini

27-09-2016 | Original Article

Unitization of route knowledge
Yaakov Hoffman, Amotz Perlman, Ben Orr-Urtreger, Joseph Tzelgov, Emmanuel M. Pothos, Darren J. Edwards

17-10-2016 | Original Article

How serially organized working memory information interacts with timing
Maya De Belder, Jean-Philippe van Dijck, Marinella Cappelletti, Wim Fias

16-09-2016 | Original Article

A cow on the prairie vs. a cow on the street: long-term consequences of semantic conflict on episodic encoding
Javier Ortiz-Tudela, Bruce Milliken, Fabiano Botta, Mitchell LaPointe, Juan Lupiañez

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