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Psychological Research

Psychological Research 6/2014

Uitgave 6/2014

Special Issue: New directions in cognitive training

Inhoudsopgave ( 11 Artikelen )

01-11-2014 | Editorial | Uitgave 6/2014

New directions in cognitive training: on methods, transfer, and application

Torsten Schubert, Tilo Strobach, Julia Karbach

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

On methodological standards in training and transfer experiments

C. Shawn Green, Tilo Strobach, Torsten Schubert

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

On the validity and generality of transfer effects in cognitive training research

Hannes Noack, Martin Lövdén, Florian Schmiedek

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Plasticity of brain and cognition in older adults

Yvonne Brehmer, Grégoria Kalpouzos, Elisabeth Wenger, Martin Lövdén

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Effects and mechanisms of working memory training: a review

Claudia C. von Bastian, Klaus Oberauer

01-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2014

Individual differences in cognitive plasticity: an investigation of training curves in younger and older adults

Céline N. Bürki, Catherine Ludwig, Christian Chicherio, Anik de Ribaupierre

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Practice-related optimization and transfer of executive functions: a general review and a specific realization of their mechanisms in dual tasks

Tilo Strobach, Tiina Salminen, Julia Karbach, Torsten Schubert

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Working memory and executive functions: effects of training on academic achievement

Cora Titz, Julia Karbach

01-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 6/2014

Effect of working memory training on working memory, arithmetic and following instructions

Sissela Bergman-Nutley, Torkel Klingberg

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Optimal training design for procedural motor skills: a review and application to laparoscopic surgery

Edward N. Spruit, Guido P. H. Band, Jaap F. Hamming, K. Richard Ridderinkhof

01-11-2014 | Review | Uitgave 6/2014

Prospective memory training in older adults and its relevance for successful aging

Alexandra Hering, Peter G. Rendell, Nathan S. Rose, Katharina M. Schnitzspahn, Matthias Kliegel

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