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Psychological Research 5/2017
Psychological Research

Uitgave 5/2017


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17-08-2016 | Original Article

A drop in performance on a fluid intelligence test due to instructed-rule mindset
Hadas ErEl, Nachshon Meiran

27-08-2016 | Original Article

Effect of combined motor and spatial cues on mathematical reasoning: a polarity correspondence account
Hélène Verselder, Sébastien Freddi, Vincent Dru

Open Access 03-09-2016 | Original Article

Insight into the ten-penny problem: guiding search by constraints and maximization
Michael Öllinger, Anna Fedor, Svenja Brodt, Eörs Szathmáry

27-08-2016 | Original Article

Smooth criminal: convicted rule-breakers show reduced cognitive conflict during deliberate rule violations
Aiste Jusyte, Roland Pfister, Sarah V. Mayer, Katharina A. Schwarz, Robert Wirth, Wilfried Kunde, Michael Schönenberg

10-11-2016 | Original Article

On the importance of considering heterogeneity in witnesses’ competence levels when reconstructing crimes from multiple witness testimonies
Berenike Waubert de Puiseau, Sven Greving, André Aßfalg, Jochen Musch

13-08-2016 | Original Article

Intention deactivation: effects of prospective memory task similarity on aftereffects of completed intentions
Moritz Walser, Thomas Goschke, Marcus Möschl, Rico Fischer

25-07-2016 | Original Article

The special role of item–context associations in the direct-access region of working memory
Guillermo Campoy

31-08-2016 | Original Article

Familiar units prevail over statistical cues in word segmentation
Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, Pierre Perruchet, Barbara Tillmann, Ronald Peereman

Open Access 17-08-2016 | Original Article

The interaction between practice and performance pressure on the planning and control of fast target directed movement
Jonathan E. Allsop, Gavin P. Lawrence, Robert Gray, Michael A. Khan

01-08-2016 | Original Article

Route planning with transportation network maps: an eye-tracking study
Elise Grison, Valérie Gyselinck, Jean-Marie Burkhardt, Jan Malte Wiener

09-09-2016 | Original Article

Crossmodal spatial congruence effects: visual dominance in conditions of increased and reduced selection difficulty
Linda Tomko, Robert W. Proctor

27-07-2016 | Original Article

Choices enhance punching performance of competitive kickboxers
Israel Halperin, Dale W. Chapman, David T. Martin, Rebecca Lewthwaite, Gabriele Wulf

16-08-2016 | Original Article

Response-specific effects in a joint action task: social inhibition of return effects do not emerge when observed and executed actions are different
Joseph Manzone, Geoff G. Cole, Paul A. Skarratt, Timothy N. Welsh

14-09-2016 | Original Article

Anticipation of delayed action-effects: learning when an effect occurs, without knowing what this effect will be
David Dignath, Markus Janczyk

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