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Psychological Research

Psychological Research 3/2018

Uitgave 3/2018

Inhoudsopgave ( 17 Artikelen )

10-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Relatedness support enhances motor learning

Daniela H. Gonzalez, Suzete Chiviacowsky

30-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Motor sequence learning and the effect of context on transfer from part-to-whole and from whole-to-part

Zipi Rhein, Eli Vakil

21-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Did I see your hand moving? The effect of movement-related information on the Corsi block tapping task

Riccardo Brunetti, Claudia Del Gatto, Clarissa Cavallina, Benedetto Farina, Franco Delogu

26-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

The effects of training on tactile enumeration

Zahira Z. Cohen, Daniela Aisenberg, Avishai Henik

20-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Numerical magnitude affects online execution, and not planning of visuomotor control

Gal Namdar, Tzvi Ganel

27-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation over the primary motor cortex does not enhance the learning benefits of self-controlled feedback schedules

Michael J. Carter, Victoria Smith, Anthony N. Carlsen, Diane M. Ste-Marie

02-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

What you see and what you are told: an action-specific effect that is unaffected by explicit feedback

Zachary R. King, Nathan L. Tenhundfeld, Jessica K. Witt

26-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Can training change attentional breadth? Failure to find transfer effects

Lin Fang, Kristof Hoorelbeke, Lynn Bruyneel, Lies Notebaert, Colin MacLeod, Rudi De Raedt, Ernst H. W. Koster

09-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Training working memory updating in young adults

Rocío Linares, Erika Borella, M. Teresa Lechuga, Barbara Carretti, Santiago Pelegrina

16-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Evidence for instructions-based updating of task-set representations: the informed fadeout effect

Maayan Pereg, Nachshon Meiran

12-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Explaining response-repetition effects in task switching: evidence from switching cue modality suggests episodic binding and response inhibition

Iring Koch, Christian Frings, Stefanie Schuch

25-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Pain and executive functions: a unique relationship between Stroop task and experimentally induced pain

Jovana Bjekić, Marko Živanović, Danka Purić, Joukje M. Oosterman, Saša R. Filipović

01-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Delta plots with negative-going slopes as a potential marker of decreasing response activation in masked semantic priming

Ruben Ellinghaus, Jeff Miller

20-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

Destination memory and deception: when I lie to Barack Obama about the moon

Mohamad El Haj, Xavier Saloppé, Jean Louis Nandrino

02-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

The delay period as an opportunity to think about future intentions: Effects of delay length and delay task difficulty on young adult’s prospective memory performance

Caitlin E. V. Mahy, Katharina Schnitzspahn, Alexandra Hering, Jacqueline Pagobo, Matthias Kliegel

19-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

The limits of boundaries: unpacking localization and cognitive mapping relative to a boundary

Ruojing Zhou, Weimin Mou

01-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2018

COMT genotype is associated with plasticity in sense of body ownership: a pilot study

Motoyasu Honma, Takuya Yoshiike, Hiroki Ikeda, Kenichi Kuriyama

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