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Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2022

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Article

Is it all about the feeling? Affective and (meta-)cognitive mechanisms underlying the truth effect

Annika Stump, Jan Rummel, Andreas Voss

Original Article

“Speak of the Devil… and he Shall Appear”: Religiosity, Unconsciousness, and the Effects of Explicit Priming in the Misperception of Immorality

Myron Tsikandilakis, Man Qing Leong, Zhaoliang Yu, Georgios Paterakis, Persefoni Bali, Jan Derrfuss, Pierre-Alexis Mevel, Alison Milbank, Eddie M. W. Tong, Christopher Madan, Peter Mitchell

Open Access Original Article

Emotion and expertise: how listeners with formal music training use cues to perceive emotion

Aimee Battcock, Michael Schutz

Original Article

Re-examining the effect of motivation on intentional and unintentional task-unrelated thought: accounting for thought constraint produces novel results

Alyssa C. Smith, Nicholaus P. Brosowsky, Brandon C. W. Ralph, Daniel Smilek, Paul Seli

Open Access Original Article

Does hunger promote the detection of foods? The effect of value on inattentional blindness

Dennis Redlich, Daniel Memmert, Carina Kreitz

Open Access Original Article

The impact of social anxiety on feedback-based go and nogo learning

Jutta Peterburs, Christine Albrecht, Christian Bellebaum

Open Access Original Article

The influence of associative reward learning on motor inhibition

Janina Rebecca Marchner, Claudia Preuschhof

Original Article

Both a holistic and external focus of attention enhance the learning of a badminton short serve

Rasool Abedanzadeh, Kevin Becker, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi

Open Access Original Article

Selective attention to stimulus representations in perception and memory: commonalities and differences

Jasmin M. Kizilirmak, Sarah Glim, Margarita Darna, Patrick H. Khader

Open Access Original Article

The time course of salience: not entirely caused by salience

Alexander Krüger, Ingrid Scharlau

Open Access Original Article

Stimulus-driven updating of long-term context memories in visual search

Markus Conci, Martina Zellin

Open Access Original Article

Developmental differences across the lifespan in the use of perceptual information to guide action-based decisions

James Stafford, Matthew Rodger, Luis I. Gómez-Jordana, Caroline Whyatt, Cathy M. Craig

Open Access Original Article

Mind wandering increases linearly with text difficulty

Rebecca Kahmann, Yesim Ozuer, Claire M. Zedelius, Erik Bijleveld

Open Access Original Article

Effects of repeated testing in a pen-and-paper test of selective attention (FAIR-2)

Bianca Wühr, Peter Wühr

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