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Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2018

Special issue on New perspectives on human multitasking

Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)


New perspectives on human multitasking

Edita Poljac, Andrea Kiesel, Iring Koch, Hermann Müller

Original Article

What is a task? An ideomotor perspective

Stefan Künzell, Laura Broeker, David Dignath, Harald Ewolds, Markus Raab, Roland Thomaschke

Original Article

Multitasking as a choice: a perspective

Laura Broeker, Roman Liepelt, Edita Poljac, Stefan Künzell, Harald Ewolds, Rita F. de Oliveira, Markus Raab

Original Article

The impact of free-order and sequential-order instructions on task-order regulation in dual tasks

Sebastian Kübler, Christina B. Reimer, Tilo Strobach, Torsten Schubert

Original Article

Exploring the repetition bias in voluntary task switching

Victor Mittelstädt, David Dignath, Magdalena Schmidt-Ott, Andrea Kiesel

Original Article

Shifting the set of stimulus selection when switching between tasks

Mike Wendt, Aquiles Luna-Rodriguez, Thomas Jacobsen

Original Article

The role of feedback delay in dual-task performance

Wilfried Kunde, Robert Wirth, Markus Janczyk

Open Access Original Article

Motor-cognitive dual-task performance: effects of a concurrent motor task on distinct components of visual processing capacity

E. C. S. Künstler, K. Finke, A. Günther, C. Klingner, O. Witte, P. Bublak

Original Article

Movement timing and cognitive control: adult-age differences in multi-tasking

Anne-Merel Meijer, Ralf T. Krampe

Original Article

Task intentions and their implementation into actions: cognitive control from adolescence to middle adulthood

Edita Poljac, Rianne Haartsen, Renske van der Cruijsen, Andrea Kiesel, Ervin Poljac

Original Article

Transfer of time-based task expectancy across different timing environments

Stefanie Aufschnaiter, Andrea Kiesel, Roland Thomaschke