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Psychological Research 1/2017
Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2017


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19-11-2015 | Original Article

Women gaze behaviour in assessing female bodies: the effects of clothing, body size, own body composition and body satisfaction
Amelia Cundall, Kun Guo

02-01-2016 | Original Article

The influence of natural contour and face size on the spatial frequency tuning for identifying upright and inverted faces
Jessica Royer, Verena Willenbockel, Caroline Blais, Frédéric Gosselin, Sandra Lafortune, Josiane Leclerc, Daniel Fiset

Open Access 26-12-2015 | Original Article

Responding to social and symbolic extrafoveal cues: cue shape trumps biological relevance
Frouke Hermens, Markus Bindemann, A. Mike Burton

26-12-2015 | Original Article

Action or attention in social inhibition of return?
Silviya P. Doneva, Mark A. Atkinson, Paul A. Skarratt, Geoff G. Cole

26-11-2015 | Original Article

Collaboration in implicit memory: evidence from word-fragment completion and category exemplar generation
Clelia Rossi-Arnaud, Vincenzo Cestari, Valeria Rezende Silva Marques, Giulia Bechi Gabrielli, Pietro Spataro

08-10-2015 | Original Article

Perceptually walking in another’s shoes: goals and memories constrain spatial perception
David W. Vinson, J. Scott Jordan, Alycia M. Hund

20-10-2015 | Original Article

Dog owners show experience-based viewing behaviour in judging dog face approachability
Carla Jade Gavin, Sarah Houghton, Kun Guo

19-11-2015 | Original Article

Observation and physical practice: different practice contexts lead to similar outcomes for the acquisition of kinematic information
John J. Buchanan, Inchon Park

02-02-2016 | Original Article

On the automaticity of relational stimulus processing
Niclas Heider, Adriaan Spruyt, Jan De Houwer

24-09-2015 | Original Article

Phonological and orthographic influences in the bouba–kiki effect
Christine Cuskley, Julia Simner, Simon Kirby

19-11-2015 | Original Article

Action induction due to visual perception of linear motion in depth
Claudia Classen, Armin Kibele

13-11-2015 | Original Article

Sensorimotor synchronization: neurophysiological markers of the asynchrony in a finger-tapping task
Luz Bavassi, Juan E. Kamienkowski, Mariano Sigman, Rodrigo Laje

08-12-2015 | Original Article

Role of stimulus and response feature overlap in between-task logical recoding
Barbara Treccani, Luca Ronconi, Carlo Umiltà

13-01-2016 | Original Article

Cue response dissociates inhibitory processes: task identity information is related to backward inhibition but not to competitor rule suppression
Shirley Regev, Nachshon Meiran

01-10-2015 | Original Article

In a context of time: the impact of delay and exposure time on the emergence of memory context effects
Ayala Bloch, Eli Vakil

20-10-2015 | Original Article

Working memory updating occurs independently of the need to maintain task-context: accounting for triggering updating in the AX-CPT paradigm
Yoav Kessler, Liad J. Baruchin, Anat Bouhsira-Sabag

20-10-2015 | Original Article

Implicit learning is order dependent
Randall K. Jamieson, John R. Vokey, D. J. K. Mewhort

20-10-2015 | Original Article

Conflict resolution in two-digit number processing: evidence of an inhibitory mechanism
Pedro Macizo

26-12-2015 | Original Article

Evidence for distinct magnitude systems for symbolic and non-symbolic number
Delphine Sasanguie, Bert De Smedt, Bert Reynvoet

30-09-2015 | Original Article

Naturally together: pitch-height and brightness as coupled factors for eliciting the SMARC effect in non-musicians
Marco Pitteri, Mauro Marchetti, Konstantinos Priftis, Massimo Grassi

12-01-2016 | Original Article

Surface and structural effects of pitch and time on global melodic expectancies
Jon B. Prince, Leong-Min Loo

Open Access 26-11-2015 | Original Article

More attentional focusing through binaural beats: evidence from the global–local task
Lorenza S. Colzato, Hayley Barone, Roberta Sellaro, Bernhard Hommel

29-10-2015 | Original Article

Physiological threat responses predict number processing
Annika Scholl, Korbinian Moeller, Daan Scheepers, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Kai Sassenberg

20-10-2015 | Original Article

Age-related emotional bias in processing two emotionally valenced tasks
Philip A. Allen, Mei-Ching Lien, Elliott Jardin

29-09-2015 | Original Article

Let it be? Pain control attempts critically amplify attention to somatosensory input
Wouter Durnez, Stefaan Van Damme

15-12-2015 | Original Article

Implicit happiness and sadness are associated with ease and difficulty: evidence from sequential priming
Ruta Lasauskaite, Guido H. E. Gendolla, Mylène Bolmont, Laure Freydefont

26-09-2015 | Original Article

Bimanual comfort depends on how extreme either hand’s posture is, not on which hand is in the more extreme posture
Kate M. Chapman, David A. Rosenbaum

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