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Psychological Research

Uitgave 1-2/2004

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Original Article

Memory for actions: Item and relational information in categorized lists

Johannes Engelkamp, Kerstin H. Seiler, Hubert D. Zimmer

Original Article

Effects of binding in the identification of objects

P. H. de Vries

Original Article

Attentional selection during preparation of eye movements

Karine Doré-Mazars, Pierre Pouget, Cécile Beauvillain

Original Article

Visual-memory search: An integrative perspective

Denis Cousineau, Serge Larochelle

Original Article

Aspects of temporal information processing: A dimensional analysis

Thomas H. Rammsayer, Susanne Brandler

Original Article

Sequence learning and sequential effects

E. Soetens, A. Melis, W. Notebaert

Original Article

Recognizing one’s own clapping: The role of temporal cues

Rüdiger Flach, Günther Knoblich, Wolfgang Prinz

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