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Perspectives on Medical Education 2/2019
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2019


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Open Access 04-04-2019 | Commentary

Eye tracking: the silver bullet of competency assessment in medical image interpretation?
Ellen M Kok

Open Access 11-04-2019 | Original article

Eye-tracking for assessing medical image interpretation: A pilot feasibility study comparing novice vs expert cardiologists
Tad T. Brunyé, Brahmajee K. Nallamothu, Joann G. Elmore

Open Access 26-03-2019 | Original Article

Factors associated with scientific misconduct and questionable research practices in health professions education
Lauren Maggio, Ting Dong, Erik Driessen, Anthony Artino Jr.

Open Access 26-03-2019 | Original Article

Identifying the narrative used by educators in articulating judgement of performance
Nyoli Valentine, Lambert Schuwirth

Open Access 05-04-2019 | A Qualitative Space

How phenomenology can help us learn from the experiences of others
Brian E. Neubauer, Catherine T. Witkop, Lara Varpio

Open Access 10-04-2019 | The Writer’s Craft

From semi-conscious to strategic paragraphing
Lorelei Lingard

Open Access 26-03-2019 | Eye-Opener

Every doctor needs a wife: An old adage worth reexamining
Abigail Ford Winkel

Open Access 05-04-2019 | Failures/Surprises

Emergency medicine residency fact board: Why our attempt to encourage on-shift learning failed
Kimberly Sokol, Alisa Wray, Megan Boysen-Osborn, Warren Wiechmann, Kathryn Bennett, Shannon Toohey

Open Access 25-03-2019 | Show and Tell

Parent-provider paediatric literacy communication: A curriculum for future primary care providers
Tiffany Kindratt, Brittany Bernard, Jade Webb, Patti Pagels

Open Access 14-02-2019 | Show and Tell

Animated stories of medical error as a means of teaching undergraduates patient safety: an evaluation study
Kerri Cooper, Emma Hatfield, James Yeomans

Open Access 25-03-2019 | Show and Tell

Using mobile virtual reality to enhance medical comprehension and satisfaction in patients and their families
Adam Palanica, Michael J. Docktor, Andrew Lee, Yan Fossat

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