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Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 6/2014

Special issue Electrophysiology

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Open Access Review Article

Atrial fibrillation: to map or not to map?

A. Yaksh, C. Kik, P. Knops, J. W. Roos-Hesselink, A. J. J. C. Bogers, F. Zijlstra, M. Allessie, N. M. S. de Groot

Open Access Editorial Comment

Magnetic resonance imaging and devices: a mesmerising combination

C. P. Allaart, C. C. de Cock

Open Access Review Article E-Learning

MRI and cardiac implantable electronic devices; current status and required safety conditions

A. W. M. van der Graaf, P. Bhagirath, M. J. W. Götte

Open Access Original Article

ICDs at higher age and clinical risk factors

W. Anné, D. A. M. J. Theuns, B. Schaer, Y. Van Belle, T. Szili-Torok, T. Smith, J. Res, L. Jordaens

Open Access Original Article

Incidence of lead dislodgement, malfunction and perforation during the first year following device implantation

A. Ghani, P. P. H. M. Delnoy, A. R. Ramdat Misier, J. J. J. Smit, A. Adiyaman, J. P. Ottervanger, A. Elvan

Open Access Editorial Comment

Novel oral anticoagulants: the translation of ‘de Leidraad’ into daily clinical practice

J. Jaspers Focks, M. A. Brouwer

Open Access Short Communication

Practical introduction of novel oral anticoagulants through an anticoagulation nurse. The Leeuwarden model

R. J. Folkeringa, L. M. Geven, T. Veldhuis, M. Hoogendoorn, S. H. Hofma, E. Van Roon

Open Access Letter to the Editor

Epilepsy and noncompaction

J. Finsterer, S. Zarrouk-Mahjoub

Open Access Letter to the Editor

Reply to letter from J. Finsterer and S. Zarrouk-Mahjoub

S. A. W. G. Dello, M. Alings

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle Question

AV block after flutter ablations?

A. W. G. J. Oomen, L. R. C. Dekker, A. Meijer

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle Answer

AV block after flutter ablations?

A. W. G. J. Oomen, L. R. C. Dekker, A. Meijer