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Netherlands Heart Journal

Netherlands Heart Journal 5/2012

Uitgave 5/2012

Inhoudsopgave ( 14 Artikelen )

01-05-2012 | Editor's comment | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Amor and Psyche; a growing relationship?

E. E. van der Wall

01-05-2012 | Editorial | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Barbarians at the gate

R. J. G. Peters

01-05-2012 | Original article | Uitgave 5/2012

Impact of temperature and atmospheric pressure on the incidence of major acute cardiovascular events

N. J. Verberkmoes, M. A. Soliman Hamad, J. F. ter Woorst, M. E. S. H. Tan, C. H. Peels, A. H. M. van Straten

01-05-2012 | Original article | Uitgave 5/2012

Potential cardiovascular consequences of switching from atorvastatin to generic simvastatin in the Netherlands

D. Liew, K. Webb, W.-J. Meerding, E. Buskens, J. W. Jukema

01-05-2012 | Original article | Uitgave 5/2012

Preexisting heart failure is an underestimated risk factor in cardiac surgery

K. A. Kortekaas, J. H. N. Lindeman, M. I. M. Versteegh, T. Stijnen, R. A. E. Dion, R. J. M. Klautz

01-05-2012 | Review Article | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Different anthropometric adiposity measures and their association with cardiovascular disease risk factors: a meta-analysis

S. B. van Dijk, T. Takken, E. C. Prinsen, H. Wittink

01-05-2012 | Special article | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Recurrent and founder mutations in the Netherlands: the cardiac phenotype of DES founder mutations p.S13F and p.N342D

K. Y. van Spaendonck-Zwarts, A. J. van der Kooi, M. P. van den Berg, E. F. Ippel, L. G. Boven, W.-C. Yee, A. van den Wijngaard, E. Brusse, J. E. Hoogendijk, P. A. Doevendans, M. de Visser, J. D. H. Jongbloed, J. P. van Tintelen

01-05-2012 | Case Report | Uitgave 5/2012 Open Access

Thrombotic complication during intracoronary imaging

S. A. Wiyono, H. M. M. van Beusekom, J. M. Ligthart, W. J. van der Giessen

01-05-2012 | Rhythm puzzle - Question | Uitgave 5/2012

Alternating bizarrely shaped broad QRS complex tachycardia: What is the mechanism?

B. S. N. Alzand

01-05-2012 | ICIN | Uitgave 5/2012

Geographical distribution of plakophilin-2 mutation prevalence in patients with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy

K. A. Jacob, M. Noorman, M. G. P. J. Cox, J. A. Groeneweg, R. N. W. Hauer, M. A. G. van der Heyden

01-05-2012 | ICIN/NVVC | Uitgave 5/2012

Einthoven dissertation prizes 2011

E. E. van der Wall, M. J. Schalij, V. Umans, W. H. van Gilst

01-05-2012 | Rhythm Puzzle - Answer | Uitgave 5/2012

Alternating bizarrely–shaped broad QRS complex tachycardia. What is the mechanism?

B. S. N. Alzand

01-05-2012 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 5/2012

Feasibility of T-wave alternans testing in patients considered for a cardioverter-defibrillator implantation

J. E. Madias

01-05-2012 | Letter to the Editor | Uitgave 5/2012

Feasibility of TWA testing – reply

K. Kraaier, M. F. Scholten

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