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Netherlands Heart Journal

Netherlands Heart Journal 4/2011

Uitgave 4/2011

Inhoudsopgave ( 11 Artikelen )

01-04-2011 | Editor's Page | Uitgave 4/2011

Netherlands Heart Journal: 10 Steps in 10 Years!

E. E. van der Wall

01-04-2011 | Editorial | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Journal metrics for the Netherlands Heart Journal

E. E. van der Wall, M. J. de Boer, P. A. Doevendans, A. A. Wilde, F. Zijlstra

01-04-2011 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2011

Recanalisation of coronary chronic total occlusions with new techniques including the retrograde approach via collaterals

A. Bufe, G. Haltern, W. Dinh, J. Wolfertz, H. Schleiting, H. Guelker

01-04-2011 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Exercise related ventricular arrhythmias are related to cardiac fibrosis in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutation carriers

I. A. W. van Rijsingen, S. C. A. M. Bekkers, S. Schalla, J. F. Hermans-van Ast, G. Snoep, B. S. N. Alzand, Y. H. J. M. Arens, A. van den Wijngaard, H. J. G. M. Crijns, Y. M. Pinto

01-04-2011 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Founder mutations in the Netherlands: geographical distribution of the most prevalent mutations in the low-density lipoprotein receptor and apolipoprotein B genes

D. M. Kusters, R. Huijgen, J. C. Defesche, M. N. Vissers, I. Kindt, B. A. Hutten, J. J. P. Kastelein

01-04-2011 | Review | Uitgave 4/2011

Diagnostic and therapeutic approach of congenital solitary coronary artery fistulas in adults: Dutch case series and review of literature

S. A. M. Said, R. L. G. Nijhuis, J. W. op den Akker, G. P. Kimman, K. G. Van Houwelingen, D. Gerrits, A. B. Huisman, R. H. J. A. Slart, D. M. Nicastia, E. M. Koomen, A. C. Tans, N. Y. Y. Al-Windy, U. Sonker, T. Slagboom, A. C. B. Pronk

01-04-2011 | Case Report | Uitgave 4/2011

Iatrogenic left main coronary artery dissection

K. Onsea, P. Kayaert, W. Desmet, C. L. Dubois

01-04-2011 | Imaging in Cardiology | Uitgave 4/2011

Massive pulmonary embolism and atrial mass attached to permanent transvenous lead

M. Correale, N. D’Amato, C. D’Agostino, M. Di Biase

01-04-2011 | Rhythm Puzzle - Question | Uitgave 4/2011

Inferolateral myocardial infarction? Which vessel is occluded and where?

B. S. N. Alzand

01-04-2011 | ICIN | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Therapeutic application of ultrasound: contrast-enhanced thrombolysis in acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction; the Sonolysis study

J. Slikkerveer, G. Veen, Y. Appelman, N. van Royen, O. Kamp

01-04-2011 | Rhythm Puzzle - Answer | Uitgave 4/2011

Inferolateral myocardial infarction? Which vessel is occluded and where?

B. S. N. Alzand

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