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Mindfulness 9/2020

Uitgave 9/2020

Inhoudsopgave ( 20 Artikelen )

07-05-2020 | REVIEW | Uitgave 9/2020

A Systematic Review of Mindfulness Interventions on Psychophysiological Responses to Acute Stress

Melissa L. Morton, Emily C. Helminen, Joshua C. Felver

16-05-2020 | REVIEW | Uitgave 9/2020

A Systematic Narrative Review on Stress-Management Interventions for Medical Students

Chiara Buizza, Valentina Ciavarra, Alberto Ghilardi

18-06-2020 | REVIEW | Uitgave 9/2020

Parenting Self-compassion: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Felicity A. Jefferson, Alice Shires, John McAloon

23-05-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

A Review of Mindfulness-Based Apps for Children

Andreia Nunes, São Luís Castro, Teresa Limpo

11-05-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020 Open Access

Meditation Maps, Attainment Claims, and the Adversities of Mindfulness

Bhikkhu Anālayo

07-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

Mindful Attention and Eating Expectancies among College Students with Obesity and a History of Trauma Exposure

Brooke Y. Kauffman, Anka A. Vujanovic, Jafar Bakhshaie, Michael J. Zvolensky

10-06-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

Self-compassion and Body Checking Among Women: the Mediating Role of Stigmatizing Self-perceptions

Katarina L. Huellemann, Rachel M. Calogero

16-06-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

The Role of Nonattachment in the Development of Adolescent Mental Health: a Three-Year Longitudinal Study

Joseph Ciarrochi, Baljinder K. Sahdra, Keong Yap, Theresa Dicke

29-05-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

Trait Mindfulness Moderates Reactivity to Social Stress in an All-Male Sample

Jia Lin, Stijn A.A. Massar, Julian Lim

08-06-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

The Effect of Mindfulness on Cognitive Reflection and Reasoning

Stephanie T. Farrar, Kielan Yarrow, Katy Tapper

20-06-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020 Open Access

Online Mindfulness Stress Intervention for Family Carers of Children and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial

Samantha Flynn, Richard P. Hastings, Christine Burke, Simon Howes, Yona Lunsky, Jonathan A. Weiss, Tom Bailey

11-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020 Open Access

Introspective Interest and Insight in the Context of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: a Randomized Trial

Ivan Nyklíček, Renée Zonneveld, Johan Denollet

11-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

Caregivers of Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Psychosocial Factors and Evidence for Self-compassion as a Potential Intervention Target

Zoe Biddle, Frances V. O’Callaghan, Amy L. Finlay-Jones, Natasha E. Reid

15-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

The Association Between Mindfulness Facets and Body Checking in Individuals with High and Low Eating Disorder Pathology

Margarita Sala, Cheri A. Levinson

17-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Social-Emotional Learning Program CARE for Teachers Within Croatian Context

Josipa Mihić, Yoonkyung Oh, Mark Greenberg, Valentina Kranželić

15-07-2020 | ORIGINAL PAPER | Uitgave 9/2020 Open Access

Validation of the German Version of the Southampton Mindfulness Questionnaire (SMQ)

Kerem Böge, Carmen Schaeuffele, Pamela Jacobsen, Paul Chadwick, Emre Ergen, Inge Hahne, Niklas Bergmann, Johanna Boettcher, Katja Wingenfeld, Malek Bajbouj, Eric Hahn


“I Don’t Know What I Would Have Done Without My Practice!”

Jon Kabat-Zinn


The Suspension of Distraction

Jon Kabat-Zinn

14-07-2020 | MINDFULNESS IN PRACTICE | Uitgave 9/2020

Recollecting the Body and Working with Pain

Ajahn Amaro

04-06-2020 | BOOK REVIEW | Uitgave 9/2020

Susan M. Pollak: Self-Compassion for Parents: Nurture Your Child by Caring for Yourself

Guilford Press, New York, NY, 2019, 246 pp
Emily L. Cary, Joshua C. Felver

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