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Mindfulness 5/2019

Uitgave 5/2019


Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

09-10-2018 | REVIEW

What Can We Learn from Randomized Clinical Trials About the Construct Validity of Self-Report Measures of Mindfulness? A Meta-Analysis
Simon B. Goldberg, Raymond P. Tucker, Preston A. Greene, Tracy L. Simpson, William T. Hoyt, David J. Kearney, Richard J. Davidson

20-10-2018 | REVIEW

A Critical Methodological Review of Mixed Methods Designs Used in Mindfulness Research
Tuyen Huynh, Holly Hatton-Bowers, Michelle Howell Smith

Open Access 29-04-2019 | COMMENTARY

Principles for a Responsible Integration of Mindfulness in Individual Therapy
Johannes Michalak, Catherine Crane, Christopher K. Germer, Eluned Gold, Thomas Heidenreich, Johannes Mander, Petra Meibert, Zindel V. Segal

26-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Development of the Difficulties During Meditation Involving Immeasurable Attitudes Scale
Xianglong Zeng, Rong Wang, Vivian Y. L. Chan, Tian P. S. Oei, Freedom Y. K. Leung

26-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Modes of Processing Trauma: Self-Compassion Buffers Affective Guilt
Christine E. Valdez, Michelle M. Lilly

29-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Generalized Pliance in Relation to Contingency Insensitivity and Mindfulness
Martin O’Connor, Philip Byrne, Francisco J. Ruiz, Louise McHugh

29-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Exploring Relationships Between CARE Program Fidelity, Quality, Participant Responsiveness, and Uptake of Mindful Practices
Sebrina L. Doyle, Patricia A. Jennings, Joshua L. Brown, Damira Rasheed, Anna DeWeese, Jennifer L. Frank, Christa Turksma, Mark T. Greenberg

29-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Differences in Compassion, Well-being, and Social Anxiety Between Japan and the USA
Kohki Arimitsu, Hidefumi Hitokoto, Shelley Kind, Stefan G. Hofmann

31-10-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mobile Mindfulness Meditation: a Randomised Controlled Trial of the Effect of Two Popular Apps on Mental Health
Jayde A. M. Flett, Harlene Hayne, Benjamin C. Riordan, Laura M. Thompson, Tamlin S. Conner

05-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Linking Mothers’ Difficulties in Emotion Regulation to Children/Adolescents’ Emotional Eating in Pediatric Obesity: the Mediating Role of Mindful Parenting and Children/Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms
Maria João R. Gouveia, Maria Cristina C. S. P. Canavarro, Helena T. C. Moreira

05-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness Relates to Decreased Depressive Symptoms Via Enhancement of Self-Insight
Miho Nakajima, Keisuke Takano, Yoshihiko Tanno

07-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Facets of Mindfulness in Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Impact of Co-occurring Depression
Amanda W. Baker, Madelyn R. Frumkin, Susanne S. Hoeppner, Nicole J. LeBlanc, Eric Bui, Stefan G. Hofmann, Naomi M. Simon

08-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness Predicts Driver Engagement in Distracting Activities
Kristie L. Young, Sjaan Koppel, Amanda N. Stephens, Rachel Osborne, Richard Chambers, Craig Hassed

08-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Trait Self-Compassion as a Buffer Against Post-event Processing Following Performance Feedback
Rebecca A. Blackie, Nancy L. Kocovski

08-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness and Daily Negative Mood Variation in Romantic Relationships
Masumi Iida, Alyson Shapiro

10-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Assessing the Effectiveness of Mindfulness in the Treatment of Chronic Back Pain: Use of Quantitative Sensory Pain Assessment
Keren Reiner, Pesach Shvartzman, Zahira Ziva Cohen, Joshua D. Lipsitz

10-11-2018 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Prevalence of Mental Health Problems and Willingness to Participate in a Mindfulness Treatment: an Examination Among Veterans Injured in Combat
Adrian J. Bravo, Katie Witkiewitz, Michelle L. Kelley, Jason C. Redman

30-03-2019 | Original Paper

Ancient Indian Education and Mindfulness
Bhikkhu Anālayo


Attaining Place
Jon Kabat-Zinn


You Can’t Get There from Here
Jon Kabat-Zinn

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