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Mindfulness 3/2011

Uitgave 3/2011


Inhoudsopgave (11 Artikelen)

01-09-2011 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Short-Term Training in Loving-Kindness Meditation Produces a State, But Not a Trait, Alteration of Attention
Christopher J. May, Michelle Burgard, Melissa Mena, Imran Abbasi, Noah Bernhardt, Samantha Clemens, Eve Curtis, Eben Daggett, Jaimie Hauch, Kayla Housh, Alison Janz, Amber Lindstrum, Kimberly Luttropp, Rebecca Williamson

01-09-2011 | Original Paper

Mechanisms of Mindfulness: A Buddhist Psychological Model
Andrea D. Grabovac, Mark A. Lau, Brandilyn R. Willett

01-09-2011 | Original Paper

Perceived Benefits and Doubts of Participants in a Weekly Meditation Study
Sharon R. Sears, Sue Kraus, Kristi Carlough, Erin Treat

01-09-2011 | Original Paper

Does Effort Matter in Mindful Parenting?
Karen Bluth, Robert G. Wahler

01-09-2011 | Original Paper

Component Processes of Executive Function—Mindfulness, Self-control, and Working Memory—and Their Relationships with Mental and Behavioral Health
David S. Black, Randye J. Semple, Pallav Pokhrel, Jerry L. Grenard

01-09-2011 | Original Paper

Mindfulness-Based Interventions: An Emerging Phenomenon
Margaret Cullen

Open Access 01-09-2011 | Original Paper

On the Relationship Between the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation and Personality—an Exploratory Analysis of the Mediating Role of Mindfulness Skills
Paul A. M. van den Hurk, Tom Wingens, Fabio Giommi, Henk P. Barendregt, Anne E. M. Speckens, Hein T. van Schie

Open Access 01-09-2011 | Original Paper

The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale for Adolescents (MAAS-A): Psychometric Properties in a Dutch Sample
Esther I. de Bruin, Bonne J. H. Zijlstra, Eva van de Weijer-Bergsma, Susan M. Bögels

01-09-2011 | Mindfulness in Practice

Mindfulness: A Tool for Parents and Children with Asperger's Syndrome
Jack Russell

01-09-2011 | Book Review

Linda E. Carlson and Michael Speca: Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery: A Step-By-Step MBSR Approach to Help You Cope with Treatment & Reclaim Your Life
New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, CA, 2011, 187 pp
Wolfgang Linden

01-09-2011 | Erratum

Erratum to: Mechanisms of Mindfulness: A Buddhist Psychological Model
Andrea D. Grabovac, Mark A. Lau, Brandilyn R. Willett