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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 8/2022

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Open Access Empirical Research

Arts and Cultural Engagement, Reportedly Antisocial or Criminalized Behaviors, and Potential Mediators in Two Longitudinal Cohorts of Adolescents

Jessica K. Bone, Feifei Bu, Meg E. Fluharty, Elise Paul, Jill K. Sonke, Daisy Fancourt

Empirical Research

Early Adverse Childhood Experiences and Social Skills Among Youth in Fragile Families

Hayley Pierce, Melissa S. Jones, Emley A. Holcombe

Open Access Empirical Research

Minority and Majority Adolescents’ Attitudes toward Mutual Acculturation and its Association with Psychological Adjustment

Petra Sidler, Gülseli Baysu, Wassilis Kassis, Clarissa Janousch, Raia Chouvati, Christos Govaris, Ulrike Graf, Christian Rietz

Open Access Empirical Research

A Tri-Directional Examination of Parental Personality, Parenting Behaviors, and Contextual Factors in Influencing Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes

Tayler E. Truhan, Constantine Sedikides, Micheala McIlvenna, Lena Andrae, Rhiannon N. Turner, Kostas A. Papageorgiou

Empirical Research

Racial Discrimination and Alcohol Problems: Examining Interactions with Genetic Risk and Impulsivity among African American Young Adults

Jinni Su, Angel D. Trevino, Sally I-Chun Kuo, Fazil Aliev, Chelsea Derlan Williams, Mignonne C. Guy, Danielle Dick, Ananda Amstadter, Emily Lilley, Renolda Gelzinis, Anne Morris, Katie Bountress, Amy Adkins, Nathaniel Thomas, Zoe Neale, Kimberly Pedersen, Thomas Bannard, Seung Cho, Peter Barr, Holly Byers, Erin Berenz, Erin Caraway, James Clifford, Megan Cooke, Elizabeth Do, Alexis Edwards, Neeru Goyal, Laura Hack, Lisa Halberstadt, Sage Hawn, Sally Kuo, Emily Lasko, Jennifer Lent, Mackenzie Lind, Elizabeth Long, Alexandra Martelli, Jacquelyn Meyers, Kerry Mitchell, Ashlee Moore, Arden Moscati, Aashir Nasim, Jill Opalesky, Cassie Overstreet, Christian Pais, Tarah Raldiris, Jessica Salvatore, Jeanne Savage, Rebecca Smith, David Sosnowski, Jinni Su, Chloe Walker, Marcie Walsh, Teresa Willoughby, Madison Woodroof, Jia Yan, Cuie Sun, Brandon Wormley, Brien Riley, Fazil Aliev, Roseann Peterson, Bradley Webb, Danielle M. Dick

Open Access Empirical Research

Intention to Stop Bullying following a Condemning, Empathy-Raising, or Combined Message from a Teacher – Do Students’ Empathy and Callous-Unemotional Traits Matter?

Eerika Johander, Jessica Trach, Tiina Turunen, Claire F. Garandeau, Christina Salmivalli

Open Access Empirical Research

Effects of Ethnic Classification on Substantive Findings in Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes

Esther S. Yao, Pat Bullen, Kane Meissel, Jemaima Tiatia, Theresa Fleming, Terryann C. Clark

Empirical Research

Meaning in Life Moderates Relations between Personality and Temperament and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Hospitalized Adolescents

Bradley T. Conner, Shane D. Kentopp, Maeve B. O’Donnell, Gemma T. Wallace, Jessica L. Morse, Patrice A. Arkfeld, Michael F. Steger, Rachel Rebecca

Empirical Research

Prosocial Behavior and Aggression in the Daily School Lives of Early Adolescents

Reout Arbel, Dominique F. Maciejewski, Mor Ben-Yehuda, Sandra Shnaider, Bar Benari, Moti Benita

Open Access Empirical Research

Peer Victimization, Internalizing Problems, and the Buffering Role of Friendship Quality: Disaggregating Between- and Within-Person Associations

Esther L. Bernasco, Jolien van der Graaff, Wim H. J. Meeus, Susan Branje

Open Access Empirical Research

Youth’s Experiences of the Devaluing of Their Contributions Due to Their Ethnicity and Gender

Andrew J. Fuligni, Xochitl Arlene Smola, Samir Al Salek