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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 6/2018

Special Issue: Schooling, Diversity, and Inequality: Understanding Intersections that Shape Developmental Experiences and Outcomes

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

Teacher Support, Peer Acceptance, and Engagement in the Classroom: A Three-Wave Longitudinal Study in Late Childhood

Tessa Weyns, Hilde Colpin, Steven De Laet, Maaike Engels, Karine Verschueren

Open Access Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Engagement in Ethnic Harassment: Prejudiced Beliefs in Social Networks and Classroom Ethnic Diversity

Sevgi Bayram Özdemir, Shuyan Sun, Liliia Korol, Metin Özdemir, Håkan Stattin

Empirical Research

A Two Decade Examination of Historical Race/Ethnicity Disparities in Academic Achievement by Poverty Status

Katherine W. Paschall, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Megan Kuhfeld

Empirical Research

Examining Relationships among Choice, Affect, and Engagement in Summer STEM Programs

Patrick N. Beymer, Joshua M. Rosenberg, Jennifer A. Schmidt, Neil J. Naftzger

Empirical Research

Friends in Activities, School-related Affect, and Academic Outcomes in Diverse Middle Schools

Casey A. Knifsend, Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson, Jaana Juvonen, Sandra Graham

Empirical Research

School Security Measures and Longitudinal Trends in Adolescents’ Experiences of Victimization

Benjamin W. Fisher, Thomas J. Mowen, John H. Boman IV

Empirical Research

The Rise and Fall of Depressive Symptoms and Academic Stress in Two Samples of University Students

Erin T. Barker, Andrea L. Howard, Rosanne Villemaire-Krajden, Nancy L. Galambos