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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 6/1997

Uitgave 6/1997

Inhoudsopgave ( 7 Artikelen )

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Measuring Barriers to Help-Seeking Behavior in Adolescents

Josephine Kuhl, Liat Jarkon-Horlick, Richard F. Morrissey

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Parents' Achievement Goals and Perfectionism in Their Academically Talented Children

Karen E. Ablard, Wayne D. Parker

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Parent–Adolescent Interaction and Optimal Experience

Kevin Rathunde

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Field Independence–Dependence and Self-Esteem in Preadolescents: Does Gender Make a Difference?

Sandra Bosacki, Wilfred Innerd, Shelagh Towson

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

The Psychosocial Inventory of Ego Strengths: Development and Validation of a New Eriksonian Measure

Carol A. Markstrom, Vicky M. Sabino, Bonnie J. Turner, Rachel C. Berman

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

Disentangling the Weight of School Dropout Predictors: A Test on Two Longitudinal Samples

Michel Janosz, Marc LeBlanc, Bernard Boulerice, Richard E. Tremblay

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 6/1997

The Effects of Pregnancy Experience on Contraceptive Practice

Holly K. Orcutt, M. Lynne Cooper

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