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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 5/2010

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Empirical Research

The Relative Influence of Different Domains of Social Connectedness on Self-Directed Violence in Adolescence

Jennifer W. Kaminski, Richard W. Puddy, Diane M. Hall, Sandra Y. Cashman, Alexander E. Crosby, LaVonne A. G. Ortega

Empirical Research

The Influence of Romantic Attachment and Intimate Partner Violence on Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Young Adults

Christine Levesque, Marie-France Lafontaine, Jean-François Bureau, Paula Cloutier, Cathy Dandurand

Empirical Research

Perceived Dimensions of Parenting and Non-suicidal Self-injury in Young Adults

Jean-François Bureau, Jodi Martin, Nathalie Freynet, Alexane Alie Poirier, Marie-France Lafontaine, Paula Cloutier

Empirical Research

How Much Detail Needs to be Elucidated in Self-Harm Research?

Sarah Stanford, Michael P. Jones

Empirical Research

Psychological Distress, Substance Use, and HIV/STI Risk Behaviors Among Youth

Katherine S. Elkington, José A. Bauermeister, Marc A. Zimmerman

Empirical Research

Adolescent Risk Behavior Subgroups: An Empirical Assessment

Christopher J. Sullivan, Kristina K. Childs, Daniel O’Connell

Empirical Research

Interactions Between Rejection Sensitivity and Supportive Relationships in the Prediction of Adolescents’ Internalizing Difficulties

Kristina L. McDonald, Julie C. Bowker, Kenneth H. Rubin, Brett Laursen, Melissa S. Duchene

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