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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 3/2018

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

An Online Drug Abuse Prevention Program for Adolescent Girls: Posttest and 1-Year Outcomes

Traci M. Schwinn, Steven P. Schinke, Jessica Hopkins, Bryan Keller, Xiang Liu

Empirical Research

Patterns of Change in Adolescent Dating Victimization and Aggression During Middle School

Elizabeth A. Goncy, Albert D. Farrell, Terri N. Sullivan

Empirical Research

Etiology of Teen Dating Violence among Adolescent Children of Alcoholics

Jennifer A. Livingston, Rina D. Eiden, Jared Lessard, Meghan Casey, James Henrie, Kenneth E. Leonard

Empirical Research

A Moderator Model of Alcohol Use and Dating Aggression among Young Adults

Charlene Collibee, Wyndol Furman

Empirical Research

A Cross-National Comparison of Risk Factors for Teen Dating Violence in Mexico and the United States

Samantha Ludin, Jessika H. Bottiani, Katrina Debnam, Mercedes Gabriela Orozco Solis, Catherine P. Bradshaw

Empirical Research

Longitudinal Predictors of Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration and Victimization in Latino Emerging Adults

Carolina Villamil Grest, Hortensia Amaro, Jennifer Unger

Empirical Research

Latent Class Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration and Victimization among Latino Emerging Adults

Carolina Villamil Grest, Jungeun Olivia Lee, Tamika Gilreath, Jennifer B. Unger

Empirical Research

The Co-evolution of Bullying Perpetration, Homophobic Teasing, and a School Friendship Network

Gabriel J. Merrin, Kayla de la Haye, Dorothy L. Espelage, Brett Ewing, Joan S. Tucker, Matthew Hoover, Harold D. Green Jr

Empirical Research

The Influence of Peers During Adolescence: Does Homophobic Name Calling by Peers Change Gender Identity?

Dawn DeLay, Carol Lynn Martin, Rachel E. Cook, Laura D. Hanish

Empirical Research

Continued Bullying Victimization in Adolescents: Maladaptive Schemas as a Mediational Mechanism

Esther Calvete, Liria Fernández-González, Joaquín M. González-Cabrera, Manuel Gámez-Guadix

Empirical Research

Cyberbullying Victimization and Adolescent Mental Health: Evidence of Differential Effects by Sex and Mental Health Problem Type

Soyeon Kim, Scott R. Colwell, Anna Kata, Michael H. Boyle, Katholiki Georgiades