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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Journal of Youth and Adolescence 3/2004

Uitgave 3/2004

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01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Adolescents' Intergroup Attributions: A Comparison of Two Social Identities

Mark Tarrant, Adrian C. North, David J. Hargreaves

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Interparental Conflict and Late Adolescents' Sensitization to Conflict: The Moderating Effects of Emotional Functioning and Gender

Kevin M. David, Bridget C. Murphy

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Why Drink Less? Diffidence, Self-Presentation Styles, and Alcohol Use Among University Students

Marcella E. Korn, Jennifer L. Maggs

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Identity Style, Parental Authority, and Identity Commitment

Michael D. Berzonsky

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Parental Monitoring Mediates the Effects of Age and Sex on Problem Behaviors Among African American Urban Young Adolescents

Maryse H. Richards, Bobbi Viegas Miller, Philip C. O'Donnell, Michelle S. Wasserman, Craig Colder

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

School Belonging, Self-Esteem, and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents: An Examination of Sex, Sexual Attraction Status, and Urbanicity

Renee Vickerman Galliher, Sharon Scales Rostosky, Hannah K. Hughes

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Narcissistic Features in Young Adolescents: Relations to Aggression and Internalizing Symptoms

Jason J. Washburn, Susan D. McMahon, Cheryl A. King, Mark A. Reinecke, Carrie Silver

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 3/2004

Gender and Disorder Specific Criminal Career Profiles in Former Adolescent Psychiatric In-Patients

Ellen Kjelsberg

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