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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 2/2017
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 2/2017


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12-10-2016 | Empirical Research

Emotion Regulation Strategies in Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Youth: A Meta-Analytic Review
Johanna Özlem Schäfer, Eva Naumann, Emily Alexandra Holmes, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Andrea Christiane Samson

22-07-2016 | Empirical Research

The Mediating Effects of Emotion Regulation and Dyadic Coping on the Relationship Between Romantic Attachment and Non-suicidal Self-injury
Christine Levesque, Marie-France Lafontaine, Jean-François Bureau

22-04-2016 | Empirical Research

Paternal Monitoring: The Relationship Between Online and In-Person Solicitation and Youth Outcomes
Heather Hessel, Yaliu He, Jodi Dworkin

27-07-2016 | Empirical Research

Considering Friends Within the Context of Peers in School for the Development of Ethnic/Racial Identity
Sara Douglass, Sheena Mirpuri, Tiffany Yip

30-06-2016 | Empirical Research

Identification with Multiple Groups in Multiethnic Middle Schools: What Predicts Social Ingroup Overlap?
Casey A. Knifsend, Ariana N. Bell, Jaana Juvonen

Open Access 10-05-2016 | Empirical Research

This is Advertising! Effects of Disclosing Television Brand Placement on Adolescents
Eva A. van Reijmersdal, Sophie C. Boerman, Moniek Buijzen, Esther Rozendaal

02-05-2016 | Empirical Research

The Dark Side of Internet Use: Two Longitudinal Studies of Excessive Internet Use, Depressive Symptoms, School Burnout and Engagement Among Finnish Early and Late Adolescents
Katariina Salmela-Aro, Katja Upadyaya, Kai Hakkarainen, Kirsti Lonka, Kimmo Alho

24-09-2016 | Empirical Research

Prevalence and Correlates of the Perpetration of Cyber Dating Abuse among Early Adolescents
Melissa F. Peskin, Christine M. Markham, Ross Shegog, Jeff R. Temple, Elizabeth R. Baumler, Robert C. Addy, Belinda Hernandez, Paula Cuccaro, Efrat K. Gabay, Melanie Thiel, Susan Tortolero Emery

11-11-2016 | Empirical Research

Media as a “Super Peer”: How Adolescents Interpret Media Messages Predicts Their Perception of Alcohol and Tobacco Use Norms
Kristen C. Elmore, Tracy M. Scull, Janis B. Kupersmidt

12-09-2016 | Empirical Research

The Impact of Degree of Exposure to Violent Video Games, Family Background, and Other Factors on Youth Violence
Whitney DeCamp, Christopher J. Ferguson

05-11-2016 | Empirical Research

Parental Knowledge of Adolescents’ Online Content and Contact Risks
Katrien Symons, Koen Ponnet, Kathleen Emmery, Michel Walrave, Wannes Heirman

20-01-2016 | Empirical Research

How Mental Health Interviews Conducted Alone, in the Presence of an Adult, a Child or Both Affects Adolescents’ Reporting of Psychological Symptoms and Risky Behaviors
Aubrey V. Herrera, Corina Benjet, Enrique Méndez, Leticia Casanova, Maria Elena Medina-Mora

07-04-2016 | Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Loneliness and Depression Associated with Friendship Experiences and Well-Being: A Person-Centered Approach
Annette W. M. Spithoven, Gerine M. A. Lodder, Luc Goossens, Patricia Bijttebier, Margot Bastin, Maaike Verhagen, Ron H. J. Scholte

01-04-2016 | Empirical Research

Youth–Adult Partnerships and Youth Identity Style
Heather L. Ramey, Linda Rose-Krasnor, Heather L. Lawford

30-05-2016 | Empirical Research

Supportive Romantic Relationships as Predictors of Resilience Against Early Adolescent Maternal Negativity
David E. Szwedo, Elenda T. Hessel, Joseph P. Allen

03-11-2016 | Book Review

Katherine Zoepf: Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of Young Women who are Transforming the Arab World
Penguin Press, New York, NY, 2016, 243 pp, ISBN 978-1-59420-388-6
LeeAnn Carter

15-11-2016 | Book Review

Joanna Simpson and Megan Glover Adams: Understanding Gifted Adolescents: Accepting the Exceptional
Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015, 173 pp, ISBN-13: 978-0739195567
Megan Doyle

21-11-2016 | Book Review

S. Matthew Liao: The Right to Be Loved
Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2015, 258 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-023483-6
Michele Wilcox-Petrites

12-10-2016 | Book Review

Bernadette H. Schell: Online Health and Safety: From Cyberbullying to Internet Addiction
Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2016, 343 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4408-3896-5
Jessica Falender

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