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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 12/2018

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

Are the Benefits of Economic Resources for Socioemotional Functioning Shared across Racial/Ethnic Groups?

Rebekah Levine Coley, Bryn Spielvogel, Jacqueline Sims

Open Access Empirical Research

Self-Esteem and National Identification in Times of Islamophobia: A Study Among Islamic School Children in The Netherlands

Jochem Thijs, Lisette Hornstra, Fatima Zohra Charki

Empirical Research

Positive and Negative Emotions: Differential Associations with Sleep Duration and Quality in Adolescents

Lin Shen, Jason van Schie, Graeme Ditchburn, Libby Brook, Bei Bei

Empirical Research

Do Parent-Adolescent Discrepancies Predict Deviant Peer Affiliation and Subsequent Substance Use?

Wendy Kliewer, David W. Sosnowski, Sawyer Wilkins, Katlyn Garr, Carolyn Booth, Kristina McGuire, Anna W. Wright

Empirical Research

Immunocognitive Model of Depression Secondary to Anxiety in Adolescents

Daniel P. Moriarity, Brae Anne McArthur, Lauren M. Ellman, Christopher L. Coe, Lyn Y. Abramson, Lauren B. Alloy


Emerging Scholar Best Article Award, 2018

Roger J. R. Levesque