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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 3/2016

Uitgave 3/2016

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01-09-2016 | Uitgave 3/2016

Integrating Cognitive Processing, Brain Activity, Molecules and Genes to Advance Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment for Depression and Anxiety: From Cognitive Neurogenetics to CBT-Based Neurogenetics

Daniel David, Silviu Matu, Cristina Mogoaşe, Bogdan Voinescu

10-03-2016 | Uitgave 3/2016

Procrastination and Depression from a Cognitive Perspective: An Exploration of the Associations Among Procrastinatory Automatic Thoughts, Rumination, and Mindfulness

Alison L. Flett, Mohsen Haghbin, Timothy A. Pychyl

01-04-2016 | Uitgave 3/2016

The Influence of Efficacy Beliefs on Teacher Performance and Student Success: Implications for Student Support Services

Jeffrey M. Warren, Robyn W. Hale

04-04-2016 | Uitgave 3/2016

Teacher Beliefs and Stress

Michael E. Bernard

11-04-2016 | Uitgave 3/2016

Incorporating Jewish Texts with REBT in the Treatment of Clinical Anger

Mark Schiffman

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