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Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy 1/2017

Uitgave 1/2017

Special Issue on Grief

Inhoudsopgave ( 7 Artikelen )

11-01-2017 | Uitgave 1/2017

Introduction to the Special Issue on Grief

Ruth Malkinson

24-05-2016 | Uitgave 1/2017

Complicated Grief Treatment: An Evidence-Based Approach to Grief Therapy

M. Katherine Shear, Colleen Gribbin Bloom

19-05-2016 | Uitgave 1/2017

CBT for Grief: Clearing Cognitive Obstacles to Healing from Loss

Phyllis Kosminsky

12-01-2017 | Uitgave 1/2017

Spiritual Distress and Depression in Bereavement: A Meaning-Oriented Contribution

Robert A. Neimeyer, Laurie A. Burke

28-04-2016 | Uitgave 1/2017 Open Access

Psychometric Properties of the Grief Cognitions Questionnaire for Children (GCQ-C)

Mariken Spuij, Peter Prinzie, Paul A. Boelen

24-11-2016 | Uitgave 1/2017

Bereavement and Traumatic Bereavement: Working with the Two-Track Model of Bereavement

Simon Shimshon Rubin, Eliezer Witztum, Ruth Malkinson

30-11-2015 | Uitgave 1/2017

Developing Managerial Skills Through Coaching: Efficacy of a Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching Program

Lucia Ratiu, Oana A. David, Adriana Baban

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