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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2002

Uitgave 4/2002

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01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Prospective Evaluation of Perceived Control, Predictability, and Anxiety Sensitivity in the Pathogenesis of Panic

Norman B. Schmidt, Darin R. Lerew

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Factor Analysis of Scales Composed of Binary Items: Illustration with the Maudsley Obsessional Compulsive Inventory

Carol M. Woods

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Assessment of Nicotine Dependence Among Substance Abusing Adolescent Smokers: A Comparison of the DSM-IV Criteria and the Modified Fagerström Tolerance Questionnaire

Lee M. Cohen, Mark G. Myers, John F. Kelly

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Identifying the Function of School Refusal Behavior: A Revision of the School Refusal Assessment Scale

Christopher A. Kearney

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Psychometric Properties and Clinical Utility of the School Refusal Assessment Scale in a Multiethnic Sample

Charmaine K. Higa, Eric L. Daleiden, Bruce F. Chorpita

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Paternal Child-Rearing Style and Child Social Anxiety: Investigation of Child Perceptions and Actual Father Behavior

Laurie A. Greco, Tracy L. Morris

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Assessment of Psychotic Disorders in Inpatient Children and Adolescents: Use of the Devereux Scales of Mental Disorders

Steven R. Smith, Linda A. Reddy, Sabine A. Wingenfeld

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Use of Self-Report Measures of Anxiety and Depression in Outpatients with Schizophrenia: Reliability and Validity

Jonathan D. Huppert, Thomas E. Smith, William J. Apfeldorf

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Book Review: Handbook of Obesity Treatment. Edited by Thomas A. Wadden and Albert J. Stunkard. Guilford Press, 624 pp.

Donald A. Williamson

01-12-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

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