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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 2/2019

Uitgave 2/2019

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03-01-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

The Quintessence of Child Conduct Problems: Identifying Central Behaviors through Network Analysis

Silje Hukkelberg

03-12-2018 | Uitgave 2/2019

Validation of the Deviant Peers Scale in Spanish Adolescents: a New Measure to Assess Antisocial Behaviour in Peers

Olalla Cutrín, Lorena Maneiro, Jorge Sobral, José Antonio Gómez-Fraguela

19-11-2018 | Uitgave 2/2019

On the Overlap between Psychopathic Traits and Machiavellianism in a Forensic Population

Nicholas Kavish, Michelle A. Jones, Rachel C. Rock, Alexandria K. Johnson, Jaime L. Anderson

10-11-2018 | Uitgave 2/2019

Development and Initial Validation of the Adolescent Routines Questionnaire: Parent and Self-Report

Jennifer Piscitello, Ryan N. Cummins, Mary Lou Kelley, Kara Meyer

19-12-2018 | Uitgave 2/2019

Reliability and Validity of a Brief Version of the Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale in Outpatients with Psychosis

Keith Bredemeier, Kerry McCole, Lauren Luther, Aaron T. Beck, Paul M. Grant

15-01-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

The Sweet Taste Test: Relationships with Anhedonia Subtypes, Personality Traits, and Menstrual Cycle Phases

Jeffrey S. Bedwell, Christopher C. Spencer, Cristina A. Chirino, John P. O’Donnell

12-02-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

An Analysis of the Child Behavior Checklist Anxiety Problems Scale’s Predictive Capabilities

Mark J. Knepley, Philip C. Kendall, Matthew M. Carper

22-03-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

Self-Evaluation and Depressive Symptoms: A Latent Variable Analysis of Self-Esteem, Shame-Proneness, and Self-Criticism

Andrew C. Porter, Rachel L. Zelkowitz, Darcy C. Gist, David A. Cole

10-12-2018 | Uitgave 2/2019

Disentangling Reward Processing in Trichotillomania: ‘Wanting’ and ‘Liking’ Hair Pulling Have Distinct Clinical Correlates

Ivar Snorrason, Emily J. Ricketts, Ragnar P. Olafsson, Michelle Rozenman, Christopher S. Colwell, John Piacentini

14-02-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

The Social Suspiciousness Scale: Development, Validation, and Implications for Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder

Andrea Linett, Jennifer Monforton, Meagan B. MacKenzie, Randi E. McCabe, Karen Rowa, Martin M. Antony

11-03-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of the Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (IERQ)

Melisa Sevi Koç, Başak Türküler Aka, Burak Doğruyol, Joshua Curtiss, Joseph Kevin Carpenter, Stefan G. Hofmann

26-04-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

Concurrent Validity and Reliability of Two Short Forms of the Mood and Anxiety Symptom Questionnaire in a Student Sample from Northwest Mexico

Nadia S. Corral-Frías, Sheila N. Velardez Soto, Martha Frías-Armenta, Alejandro Corona-Espinosa, David Watson

12-01-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

Links between Perceived Containment and Reactive and Proactive Functions of Aggression among Detained Youth: Does Behavioral Inhibition and/or Activation Matter?

Paula J. Fite, Casey A. Pederson, Elizabeth C. Tampke, Kathleen I. Diaz, Moneika DiPierro

06-03-2019 | Uitgave 2/2019

Descriptive Profiles of the MMPI-2-Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) across a National Sample of Four Veteran Affairs Treatment Settings

Paul B. Ingram, Anthony M. Tarescavage, Yossef S. Ben-Porath, Mary E. Oehlert

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