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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 1/2005

Uitgave 1/2005

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01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Emotional Word Detection and Adolescent Repressive–Defensive Coping Style

Bryan R. Loney, John P. Kline, Thomas E. Joiner, Paul J. Frick, Steven D. LaRowe

01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Linguistic Analysis of College Aged Smokers and Never Smokers

Sadie Alexander-Emery, Lee M. Cohen, Eric H. Prensky

01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

The Beck Anxiety Inventory in Older Adults With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Julie Loebach Wetherell, Margaret Gatz

01-03-2005 | Brief Report | Uitgave 1/2005

Psychometric Properties of the Dutch BIS/BAS Scales

Ingmar H. A. Franken, Peter Muris, Eric Rassin

01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Selective Mutism in Children: Comparison to Youths With and Without Anxiety Disorders

Jennifer L. Vecchio, Christopher A. Kearney

01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Autobiographical Memory Retrieval and Problem-Solving Deficits of Iranian Depressed Patients Attempting Suicide

H. Kaviani, P. Rahimi-Darabad, H. R. Naghavi

01-03-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Compulsive Hoarding: Current Research and Theory

Jessica R. Grisham, David H. Barlow

01-03-2005 | Book Review | Uitgave 1/2005

Contemporary Perspectives on Culturally Diverse Parent–Child and Family Relationships

Alice Park MD

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