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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Uitgave 1/2013

Inhoudsopgave (49 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Neurologist practice patterns in treatment of muscle cramps in Canada

Mary Jane Lim Fat, Seint Kokokyi, Hans Dieter Katzberg

Open Access Research

Research capacity and culture in podiatry: early observations within Queensland Health

Peter A Lazzarini, Julia Geraghty, Ewan M Kinnear, Mark Butterworth, Donna Ward

Open Access Reviewer acknowledgement

Reviewer acknowledgement 2012

Hylton Menz, Mike Potter

Open Access Review

A review of the foot function index and the foot function index – revised

Elly Budiman-Mak, Kendon J Conrad, Jessica Mazza, Rodney M Stuck

Open Access Commentary

Australian Diabetes Foot Network: practical guideline on the provision of footwear for people with diabetes

Shan M Bergin, Vanessa L Nube, Jan B Alford, Bernard P Allard, Joel M Gurr, Emma L Holland, Mark W Horsley, Maarten C Kamp, Peter A Lazzarini, Ashim K Sinha, Jason T Warnock, Paul R Wraight

Open Access Research

Effect of thong style flip-flops on children’s barefoot walking and jogging kinematics

Angus Chard, Andrew Greene, Adrienne Hunt, Benedicte Vanwanseele, Richard Smith

Open Access Review

Gait parameters associated with hallux valgus: a systematic review

Sheree E Nix, Bill T Vicenzino, Natalie J Collins, Michelle D Smith

Open Access Research

Assessment of foot and ankle muscle strength using hand held dynamometry in patients with established rheumatoid arthritis

Matthew Carroll, William Joyce, Angela Brenton-Rule, Nicola Dalbeth, Keith Rome

Open Access Research

Neuropathic midfoot deformity: associations with ankle and subtalar joint motion

David R Sinacore, David J Gutekunst, Mary K Hastings, Michael J Strube, Kathryn L Bohnert, Fred W Prior, Jeffrey E Johnson

Open Access Methodology

Reliability of ultrasound to measure morphology of the toe flexor muscles

Karen J Mickle, Christopher J Nester, Gillian Crofts, Julie R Steele

Open Access Erratum

Erratum to: A survey of foot problems in community-dwelling older Greek Australians

Patricia Kaoulla, Nicoletta Frescos, Hylton B Menz

Open Access Research

Reliability of ultrasound imaging in the assessment of the dorsal Lisfranc ligament

David D Rettedal, Nathan C Graves, Joshua J Marshall, Katherine Frush, Vassilios Vardaxis

Open Access Research

Reliability and validity of the Microsoft Kinect for evaluating static foot posture

Benjamin F Mentiplay, Ross A Clark, Alexandra Mullins, Adam L Bryant, Simon Bartold, Kade Paterson

Open Access Research

Training the next generation of clinical researchers: evaluation of a graduate podiatrist research internship in rheumatology

Serena Naidoo, Catherine Bowen, Nigel Arden, Anthony Redmond

Open Access Research

Foot orthoses for the management of low back pain: a qualitative approach capturing the patient’s perspective

Anita E Williams, Lindsay A Hill, Christopher J Nester

Open Access Research

Factors affecting center of pressure in older adults: the Framingham Foot Study

Thomas J Hagedorn, Alyssa B Dufour, Yvonne M Golightly, Jody L Riskowski, Howard J Hillstrom, Virginia A Casey, Marian T Hannan

Open Access Research

The effect of customised and sham foot orthoses on plantar pressures

Chris J McCormick, Daniel R Bonanno, Karl B Landorf

Open Access Research

Proximal metatarsal osteotomy for hallux valgus: an audit of radiologic outcome after single screw fixation and full postoperative weightbearing

Falk Mittag, Ulf Leichtle, Christoph Meisner, Ingmar Ipach, Nikolaus Wülker, Markus Wünschel

Open Access Research

The effect of rollover footwear on the rollover function of walking

Saeed Forghany, Christopher J Nester, Barry Richards

Open Access Methodology

Geometric morphometric footprint analysis of young women

Jacqueline Domjanic, Martin Fieder, Horst Seidler, Philipp Mitteroecker

Open Access Research

A comparison of the Doppler ultrasound interpretation by student and registered podiatrists

Maria Young, Ivan Birch, Chloe Alexa Potter, Robert Saunders, Simon Otter, Shahin Hussain, Jane Pellett, Nadine Reynolds, Sarah Jenkin, Wendy Wright

Open Access Research

Dermatology within the UK podiatric literature: a content analysis (1989-2010)

Ivan R Bristow, Alan M Borthwick

Open Access Research

The effect of shoe toe box shape and volume on forefoot interdigital and plantar pressures in healthy females

Helen Branthwaite, Nachiappan Chockalingam, Andrew Greenhalgh

Open Access Review

Developing an evidence-based clinical pathway for the assessment, diagnosis and management of acute Charcot Neuro-Arthropathy: a systematic review

Tamara E Milne, Joseph R Rogers, Ewan M Kinnear, Helen V Martin, Peter A Lazzarini, Thomas R Quinton, Frances M Boyle

Open Access Research

The effect of removing plugs and adding arch support to foam based insoles on plantar pressures in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Tung-Liang Lin, Huey-Min Sheen, Chin-Teng Chung, Sai-Wei Yang, Shih-Yi Lin, Hong-Ji Luo, Chung-Yu Chen, I-Cheng Chan, Hsu-Sheng Shih, Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu

Open Access Research

Process evaluation of podiatric treatment of patients with forefoot pain

Babette C van der Zwaard, Wim JC Swagerman, Benedicte Vanwanseele, Kees J Gorter, Henriëtte E van der Horst, Petra JM Elders

Open Access Research

Relationship between foot function and medial knee joint loading in people with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis

Pazit Levinger, Hylton B Menz, Adam D Morrow, John R Bartlett, Julian A Feller, Neil R Bergman

Open Access Research

“They just scraped off the calluses”: a mixed methods exploration of foot care access and provision for people with rheumatoid arthritis in south-western Sydney, Australia

Gordon J Hendry, Kathryn A Gibson, Kevin Pile, Luke Taylor, Verona Du Toit, Joshua Burns, Keith Rome

Open Access Research

Provision of foot health services for people with rheumatoid arthritis in New South Wales: a web-based survey of local podiatrists

Gordon J Hendry, Kathryn A Gibson, Kevin Pile, Luke Taylor, Verona du Toit, Joshua Burns, Keith Rome

Open Access Research

Foot loading patterns in normal weight, overweight and obese children aged 7 to 11 years

Stephen D Cousins, Stewart C Morrison, Wendy I Drechsler

Open Access Research

Understanding the physical activity promotion behaviours of podiatrists: a qualitative study

Paul Crisford, Tania Winzenberg, Alison Venn, Verity Cleland

Open Access Research

The effectiveness of salicylic acid plasters compared with ‘usual’ scalpel debridement of corns: a randomised controlled trial

Lisa J Farndon, Wesley Vernon, Stephen J Walters, Simon Dixon, Mike Bradburn, Michael Concannon, Julia Potter

Open Access Methodology

Reliability of clinically relevant 3D foot bone angles from quantitative computed tomography

David J Gutekunst, Lu Liu, Tao Ju, Fred W Prior, David R Sinacore

Open Access Research

Hallux valgus and plantar pressure loading: the Framingham foot study

Andrew M Galica, Thomas J Hagedorn, Alyssa B Dufour, Jody L Riskowski, Howard J Hillstrom, Virginia A Casey, Marian T Hannan

Open Access Research

Investigation of the biomechanical effect of variable stiffness shoe on external knee adduction moment in various dynamic exercises

Jee Chin Teoh, Jin Huat Low, Ying Bena Lim, Victor Phyau-Wui Shim, Jaeyoung Park, Seung-Bum Park, Sang Jun Park, Taeyong Lee

Open Access Review

Interventions for increasing ankle joint dorsiflexion: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Rebekah Young, Sheree Nix, Aaron Wholohan, Rachael Bradhurst, Lloyd Reed

Open Access Research

A new radiographic view of the hindfoot

Kazuya Ikoma, Masahiko Noguchi, Koji Nagasawa, Masahiro Maki, Masamitsu Kido, Yusuke Hara, Toshikazu Kubo

Open Access Editorial

JFAR’s role in publishing believable research findings

Karl B Landorf, Hylton B Menz, Alan M Borthwick, Mike J Potter, Shannon E Munteanu, Catherine J Bowen

Open Access Research

Lower leg muscle strengthening does not redistribute plantar load in diabetic polyneuropathy: a randomised controlled trial

Tom Melai, Nicolaas C Schaper, T Herman IJzerman, Ton LH de Lange, Paul JB Willems, Valéria Lima Passos, Aloysius G Lieverse, Kenneth Meijer, Hans HCM Savelberg

Open Access Research

Evaluation of multi-segmental kinematic modelling in the paediatric foot using three concurrent foot models

Ryan Mahaffey, Stewart C Morrison, Wendy I Drechsler, Mary C Cramp

Open Access Research

Inter and intra-rater repeatability of the scoring of foot pain drawings

Benjamin D Chatterton, Sara Muller, Martin J Thomas, Hylton B Menz, Keith Rome, Edward Roddy

Open Access Research

A comparison of gait biomechanics of flip-flops, sandals, barefoot and shoes

Xiuli Zhang, Max R Paquette, Songning Zhang