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Journal of Child and Family Studies 9/2021
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 9/2021


Inhoudsopgave (21 Artikelen)

29-06-2021 | Original Paper

Effects of a Brief Parenting Intervention In Shelters For Mothers And Their Children Experiencing Homelessness
Jenna Montgomery Armstrong, Caitlyn R. Owens, Mary E. Haskett

Open Access 09-07-2021 | Original Paper

Parent and Child Factors Associated with Household versus Community Adversity among Black and Hispanic Children
Kristen R. Choi, Tatum Stewart, Jewel D. Davies, Sara Naureckas, Angela Venegas-Murillo, Michael McCreary, Kristen N. Kenan, Bonnie T. Zima

Open Access 16-06-2021 | Original Paper

Job Insecurity and Depressive Symptoms in Mothers and Adolescents: A Dyadic Study
Saija Mauno, Jaana Minkkinen, Riikka Hirvonen, Noona Kiuru

29-06-2021 | Original Paper

Coparenting Quality Mediates the Association Between Intimate Partner Violence and Child Behavior Problems in Low-income, Racial and Ethnic Minority Families
Rachel M. Kolsky, Christina B. Gee

12-06-2021 | Original Paper

Parenting Stress, Parenting, and Adolescent Externalizing Problems
Kristina Kochanova, Laura D. Pittman, Jacqueline M. Pabis

02-07-2021 | Original Paper

Parental Reflectiveness, Posttraumatic Symptoms and Alcohol Use Disorder among Israeli Combat-Veteran Fathers
Daniel Feingold, Gadi Zerach

06-07-2021 | Original Paper

Examining Children’s Problem Behaviors and Mothers’ Dating for Mothers’ Depressive Symptoms Following Divorce
Jacqueline S. DeAnda, Michael R. Langlais, Edward R. Anderson, Shannon M. Greene

26-06-2021 | Original Paper

Interactive Effects of Parental Separation and Socioeconomic Status on Child Sleep Quality and Child Development
Brittany N. Rudd, Megan E. Reilly, Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Brian M. D’Onofrio, Mary Waldron

20-07-2021 | Original Paper

Provider, Caretaker, Nurturer, Hero: Perceptions of Parenting Changes among Women Who Experienced Intimate Partner Violence
Lynette M. Renner, Carolyn Copps Hartley, Molly C. Driessen

28-05-2021 | Original Paper

A Prospective Study of Maternal Exposure to Smoking during Pregnancy and Behavioral Development in the Child
Joana Roigé-Castellví, Michelle M. Murphy, Núria Voltas, Pol Solé-Navais, Pere Cavallé-Busquets, Joan Fernández-Ballart, Mónica Ballesteros, Josefa Canals-Sans

06-07-2021 | Original Paper

Predicting Quality of Life in Caregivers of Children with Cancer Within One Year Post-Diagnosis
Maru Barrera, Aden Solomon, Leandra Desjardins, Joanna Chung, Kelly Hancock

05-07-2021 | Original Paper

Parenting Surviving Children After the Death of a Child from Cancer: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Wendy J. Haylett, Donna Scott Tilley, Becky Spencer, Shann Hwa Hwang, Terrah Foster Akard

21-07-2021 | Original Paper

Parent and Primary Care Provider Priorities for Wellness in Early Childhood: A Discrete Choice Experiment
Stephanie L. Mayne, Chloe Hannan, Jennifer Faerber, Rupreet Anand, Ella Labrusciano-Carris, Gabrielle DiFiore, Lisa Biggs, Alexander G. Fiks

16-07-2021 | Original Paper

Resilience Factors in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Health Care Provider, Parent and Youth Perspectives
Sara Ahola Kohut, Paula Forgeron, Meghan McMurtry, Natalie Weiser, Armanda Iuliano, Jennifer Stinson

Open Access 06-07-2021 | Review

Parenting among Settled Migrants from Southern Africa: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis
Ruvimbo Machaka, Ruth Barley, Laura Serrant, Penny Furness, Margaret Dunham

23-06-2021 | Review

A Systematic Review of Sleep Associations in Parents and Children
Prerna Varma, Russell Conduit, Moira Junge, V Vien Lee, Melinda L. Jackson

20-07-2021 | Original Paper

The Self-efficacy for Parenting Adolescents Scale: Development and Initial Validation
Katrina H. McDougall, Walter D. Scott

02-07-2021 | Original Paper

National Norms and Correlates of the PHQ-8 and GAD-7 in Parents of School-age Children
Stefanie L. Sequeira, Kayley E. Morrow, Jennifer S. Silk, David J. Kolko, Paul A. Pilkonis, Oliver Lindhiem

24-06-2021 | Original Paper

Examining Temporal Cognition in Preschoolers With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Insights From Parent–Child Interactions
Valentina Tobia, Taylor Landis, Paulo Graziano

01-07-2021 | Original Paper

The Contemporary Anti-Immigrant Environment and Latin American-origin Adolescents’ Perceived Futures: A Phenomenographic Content Analysis
Kathleen M. Roche, Ashley A. Walsdorf, Lorien S. Jordan, Olanrewaju O. Falusi

22-07-2021 | Author Correction

Correction to: Examining the Relationship between Helicopter Parenting and Emerging Adults’ Mindsets Using the Consolidated Helicopter Parenting Scale
Holly H. Schiffrin, Jennaveve C. Yost, Victoria Power, Emily R. Saldanha, Erynn Sendrick