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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2023

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Open Access Original Paper

“Are They Going to Play Nicely?” Parents’ Evaluations of Young Children’s Play Dates

Alison J. Lacey, Robin A. Banerjee, Kathryn J. Lester

Open Access Original Paper

Does Poverty Affect Early Language in 2-year-old Children in Germany?

Claudia Karwath, Manja Attig, Jutta von Maurice, Sabine Weinert

Open Access Original Paper

Parental Depressive Symptoms and Infant Sleeping Arrangements: The Contributing Role of Parental Expectations

Gabrielle Chénier-Leduc, Marie-Julie Béliveau, Karine Dubois-Comtois, Samantha Kenny, Marie-Hélène Pennestri

Open Access Original Paper

It Takes a Hui: Evaluating Outcomes of Family Hui, a Peer-led Parenting Program

Winnie Zhuang, Jade Noelani Yonehiro, Lucy Morse Roberts, Martha Lopez, Yuko Munakata

Original Paper

Preliminary Findings on Social Networks of American Indian Parents Participating in a Family Based Substance Use Prevention Program with their Children

Nicole R. Tuitt, Jerreed Ivanich, Alicia C. Mousseau, Katie Schultz, Ellen Keane, Nancy Asdigian, Nancy Whitesell

Original Paper

Identifying Beneficial Training Elements: Clinician Perceptions of Learning the Evidence-Based GenerationPMTO Intervention

Gianna M. Casaburo, Ronald Asiimwe, Melissa M. Yzaguirre, Meng Fang, Kendal Holtrop

Open Access Original Paper

Randomised Controlled Trial of a Brief, Low Intensity Parenting Intervention to Promote Healthy Living: The Lifestyle Triple P Seminar Series

J. A. Bartlett, Matthew R. Sanders, Cassandra L. Tellegen, Gary M. Leong

Open Access Original Paper

Enhancing Mindfulness, Emotional Well-being and Strengths in Parenting via an Eight-week Flourishing Families Intervention

Mari Laakso, Åse Fagerlund, Saija Westerlund-Cook, Johan G. Eriksson

Original Paper

Smartphone‐Based Training of Cognitive Bias Modification: Efficacy for Reducing Social Anxiety in Chinese Adolescents

Ningning Mao, Ting Li, Chieh Li, Ruifeng Ding, Qin Zhang, Lixia Cui

Original Paper

A Single-Session Intervention Designed to Promote Resilience for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Richard W. VanVoorhis, Kenneth L. Miller, Susan M. Miller

Original Paper

Parental Sexual Passion and Parent-Child Communication About Sex

Dean M. Busby, Nathan R. Jeffery, Veronica R. Hanna-Walker

Open Access Original Paper

The Needs and Experiences of Parents with Psychosis: A Qualitative Interview Study

Jessica Radley, Jane Barlow, Louise C. Johns

Original Paper

Looking Good or Being Good? Parenting Goals Predict Need Satisfaction and Frustration in Mothers and Fathers

C. Veronica Smith, Sarah A. Bilsky, Julian D. Fuentes, Benjamin W. Hadden

Open Access Original Paper

Parents’ Feelings, Distress, and Self-Efficacy in Response to Social Comparisons on Social Media

Terese Glatz, Kristian Daneback, Jenny Alsarve, Emma Sorbring

Original Paper

Parenting Through Re-Entry: Ecologically-Grounded Perspectives of Parents Returning to the Community after Incarceration

Miriam G. Clark, Robyn E. Metcalfe, Celia M. Caffery, Adriana D. Conn, Jean M. Kjellstrand

Original Paper

Insights into a Novel Measure of Childhood Mental Illness Stigma from the Stigmatizer′s Perspective

Natalia B. Biagi, Eduardo V. Ferreira, Eloisa H. R. V. Celeri

Original Paper

Development and Validation of the Parental Anxiety over a Child’s Education Scale: Evidence from China

Wenting Wu, Amrita Kaur, Qi Liang, Kewei Xu, Sijia Mei, Minjie Ye, Li Chen


The Effectiveness of Anxiety Interventions for Young Children: A Meta-Analytic Review

Brian Fisak, Angelo Penna, Nicholas D. Mian, Laura Lamoli, Aglaia Margaris, Sonia Ann Marie F. Dela Cruz

Original Paper

Caregiver Perceived Stress and Child Sleep Health: An Item-Level Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

Maxwell Mansolf, Courtney K. Blackwell, Aruna Chandran, Elena Colicino, Sarah Geiger, Gordon Harold, Cindy McEvoy, Hudson P. Santos Jr, Phillip R. Sherlock, Sonali Bose, Rosalind J. Wright, P. B. Smith, K. L. Newby, D. K. Benjamin, L. P. Jacobson, C. B. Parker, R. Gershon, D. Cella, R. J. Wright, C. B. Blair, D. Dabelea, C. J. Karr, L. Leve, J. Neiderhiser, J. Ganiban