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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 7/2016

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Assessing Future Expectations of Low-Income Minority Young Men: Survival-Threats and Positive Expectations

Dana M. Prince, Marina Epstein, Paula S. Nurius, Kevin King, Deborah Gorman-Smith, David B. Henry

Original Paper

Perceived Parenting Styles and Cultural Influences in Adolescent’s Anxiety: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Seyed Ebrahim Mousavi, Wah Yun Low, Aili Hanim Hashim

Original Paper

Peer Victimization and Substance Use in Early Adolescence: Influences of Deviant Peer Affiliation and Parental Knowledge

Yanping Jiang, Chengfu Yu, Wei Zhang, Zhenzhou Bao, Jianjun Zhu

Original Paper

Psychometric Properties of the Mental Health Continuum-Short Form: A Study of Portuguese Speaking Children/Youths

Joana Sampaio de Carvalho, Nádia Salgado Pereira, Alexandra Marques Pinto, João Marôco

Original Paper

Early Developmental Screening for Children in Foster Care

Kelly L. Hodges, MacKenzie D. Landin, Melodee L. Nugent, Pippa M. Simpson

Original Paper

Maternal Depression and Adolescent Emotions: The Role of Family Functioning

Zai-Ting Yeh, Yun-hsuan Huang, Shen-Ing Liu

Original Paper

The Relationship Between Family Stress and Behavioral Health Among African American Adolescents

Dexter R. Voisin, Caitlin Elsaesser, Dong Ha Kim, Sadiq Patel, Annie Cantara

Original Paper

Assessing the Helpfulness of One Parenting Assistance Helpline

Teresa L. Young, Javonda Williams, Debra Nelson-Gardell, Sally L. Edwards, Valerie A. Thorington

Open Access Original Paper

Group-Schematherapy for Adolescents: Results from a Naturalistic Multiple Case Study

Jeffrey Roelofs, Peter Muris, Doret van Wesemael, Nick J. Broers, Ida Shaw, Joan Farrell

Original Paper

Clinical Supervision Dilemmas Related to Child Abuse in Wraparound Treatment

Joseph Michael Roberts, Jennifer Lynne Roberts, Angela Lynn Harrington, Vanessa Aurriel Vudy, Joy Beth Krumenacker

Original Paper

Parent Perceptions of Connectedness in a Full Service Community School Project

Ming-E Chen, Jeffrey Alvin Anderson, Lara Watkins

Original Paper

The Role of ADHD and Negative Emotional Lability in Predicting Changes in Parenting Daily Hassles

Danielle M. Walerius, Nicholas D. Fogleman, Paul J. Rosen

Original Paper

Defining Child Maltreatment Among Lay People and Community Professionals: Exploring Consensus in Ratings of Severity

Maria Manuela Calheiros, Maria Benedicta Monteiro, Joana Nunes Patrício, Margarida Carmona

Original Paper

Low-Income, African American, Adolescent Mothers’ Depressive Symptoms, Perceived Stress, and Social Support

Christie Campbell-Grossman, Diane Brage Hudson, Kevin A. Kupzyk, Sara E. Brown, Kathleen M. Hanna, Bernice C. Yates

Original Paper

Parents with Suicidal Behavior: Parenting is Not Always Protective

Julie Cerel, Laura M. Frey, Myfanwy Maple, Dina G. Kinner

Original Paper

Integrating Evidence and Context to Develop a Parenting Program for Low-Income Families in South Africa

Jamie M. Lachman, Liora T. Sherr, Lucie Cluver, Catherine L. Ward, Judy Hutchings, Frances Gardner