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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 6/2009

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Confidence to Foster Across Cultures: Caregiver Perspectives

Jason D. Brown, Jennifer Sintzel, David St. Arnault, Natalie George

Original Paper

The Relationship between Parental Efficacy and Depressive Symptoms in a Diverse Sample of Low Income Mothers

Jennifer O’Neil, Melvin N. Wilson, Daniel S. Shaw, Thomas J. Dishion

Original Paper

Relationship Between Sensory Deficits and Externalizing Behaviors in an Urban, Latino Preschool Population

Timothy E. Gunn, Bethany D. Tavegia, Beth M. Houskamp, Laura B. McDonald, Joy M. Bustrum, Robert K. Welsh, Doris S. Mok

Original Paper

Neighborhood Risk, Parental Supervision and the Onset of Substance Use among African American Adolescents

Ann Kathleen Burlew, Candace S. Johnson, Amanda M. Flowers, Bridgette J. Peteet, Kyna D. Griffith-Henry, Natasha D. Buchanan

Original Paper

Identifying Youth at Risk for Treatment Failure in Outpatient Community Mental Health Services

Jared S. Warren, Philip L. Nelson, Gary M. Burlingame

Open Access Original Paper

The Relation Between Cognitive Development and Anxiety Phenomena in Children

Suzanne Broeren, Peter Muris

Original Paper

Understanding Parent Participation in a Going-to-Scale Implementation Trial of the Early Risers Conduct Problems Prevention Program

Michael L. Bloomquist, Jason L. Horowitz, Gerald J. August, Chih-Yuan S. Lee, George M. Realmuto, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan

Original Paper

Conduct Disordered Youth in Group Care: An Examination of Negative Peer Influence

Jonathan C. Huefner, Michael L. Handwerk, Jay L. Ringle, Clinton E. Field

Original Paper

An International Assessment of the Emotional and Behavioral Strengths of Youth

Kristiina Lappalainen, Hannu Savolainen, Matti Kuorelahti, Michael H. Epstein