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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 5/2020

Uitgave 5/2020

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24-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Outcomes among At-Risk Spanish-Speaking Latino Families

Catherine A. LaBrenz, Lisa S. Panisch, Jennifer Lawson, Amber L. Borcyk, Beth Gerlach, Patrick S. Tennant, Swetha Nulu, Monica Faulkner

25-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Emotion Socialization and Developmental Risk: Interactive Effects of Receptive Language and Maltreatment on Reminiscing

Christina G. McDonnell, Kaitlin Fondren, Ruth Speidel, Kristin Valentino

26-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Patterns of Strengths in U.S. Military Couples

Jacqueline C. Pflieger, Ben Porter, Carlos E. Carballo, Valerie A. Stander, Nida H. Corry, for the Millennium Cohort Family Study Team

30-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Parental Suffering and Resilience Among Recently Displaced Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Bree Akesson, Cindy Sousa

28-02-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Prevalence and Protective Factors of Psychological Distress among Left-behind Children in Rural China: A Study based on National Data

Xiaoou Man, Haijun Cao

21-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Family Factors and Obesity in Relation to Mental Health Among Korean Children and Adolescents

Hye-Mi Noh, Jane Park, Eun-Ju Sung, Young Soo Ju, Hye-Ja Lee, Yoon-Kyoung Jeong, Kyung Hee Park

08-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Somatization, Fatigue, and Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain

Rika M. L. Meyer, Katie M. Fleischman, Christina M. Young, Jeffrey I. Gold

02-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Engaging Families of Children with Type 1 Diabetes into a Randomised Controlled Trial of a Brief Parenting Group Program

Alina Morawska, Amy E. Mitchell, Aditi Lohan

30-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Child Chronic Illness and Parent Work-Family Conflict: Investigating the Experiences of Working Parents

Antonia M. Kish, Divna M. Haslam, Peter A. Newcombe

19-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Maternal Acceptance of Children’s Negative Emotions Among Spanish-Speaking Latinas Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence

Sara F. Stein, Erin C. Hunter, Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, Maria M. Galano, Hannah M. Clark, Andrew C. Grogan-Kaylor

21-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Violence and Racial Discrimination in South African Youth: Profiles of a Continuum of Exposure

Kathy Sanders-Phillips, Wendy Kliewer

08-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Peer Victimization and Depressive Symptoms in Early Adolescents: The Protective Role of Perceived Supportive Parenting

Beth A. Kotchick, Alison A. Papadakis, Carrie Nettles, Sophia L. Jobe

11-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

A Cross-Sectional Examination of Intimate Partner Violence and Mother-Child Communication

Rebecca C. Kamody, Kathryn H. Howell, Laura E. Schwartz, Lauren M. Schaefer, Idia B. Thurston

21-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Effects of Peer Victimization and Perceived Social Support on Daily Negative Affect and Sleep Outcomes

Yanping Jiang, Xiaoming Li, Samuele Zilioli, Junfeng Zhao, Guoxiang Zhao

19-09-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Emotional Intelligence, Listening Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension among Diverse Adolescents

John Mark Froiland, Mark L. Davison

11-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Relationship Between Media Multitasking and Self-esteem Among Chinese Adolescents: Mediating Roles of Peer Influence and Family Functioning

Jiutong Luo, Pui-sze Yeung, Hui Li

11-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Bidirectional Relation between Paternal/Maternal Psychological Control and Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes

Xinyuan Fu, Yan Zhang

19-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Double-Edged Effect of Coparenting on Chinese Adolescents’ Emotional Instability: An Inconsistent Mediation Model

Shengqi Zou, Xinchun Wu, Binbin Huang, Chang Liu

12-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Parent-Youth Relationships, Racial Discrimination, and Delinquency among Second-Generation Ethiopian Israeli Adolescents: Translational Implications

Steven M. Kogan, Simcha Getahune, Sophie D. Walsh

26-10-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms, Social Support, and Demographic Factors Among Kenyan High School Students

Tom L. Osborn, Katherine E. Venturo-Conerly, Akash R. Wasil, Jessica L. Schleider, John R. Weisz

08-11-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Friend Support and the Parenting of Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Moderating Role of Maternal Age

Stephanie G. Silberman, Josefina M. Grau, Patricia Castellanos, Petra A. Duran, Erin Smith

31-01-2020 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

The Effects of Depression, Anxiety, and Parents’ Support on Suicide Ideation and Attempts by Gender among Korean Adolescents

Joowon Jung, So Yeon Cho

14-09-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

The Consequences of Type 1 Diabetes Onset On Family Life. An Integrative Review

Silvia Fornasini, Francesco Miele, Enrico M. Piras

17-10-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Children’s Developing Understanding of Merit in a Distributive Justice Context

Jee Young Noh

29-11-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 5/2020

Facial Emotion Recognition in Maltreated Children: A Systematic Review

Mariana Medeiros Assed, Tatiana Cohab Khafif, Gabriel Okawa Belizario, Raquel Fatorelli, Cristiana Castanho de Ameida Rocca, Antonio de Pádua Serafim

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