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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 4/2024

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of and Responses to Interparental Conflict

Kelly A. Warmuth, Angelina M. DeCapua, Abigail M. Fielding

Open Access Original Paper

Health Anxiety in Adolescents: The Roles of Online Health Information Seeking and Parental Health Anxiety

Adela Svestkova, Nikol Kvardova, David Smahel

Original Paper

Explaining the spillover from interparental conflict to adolescent adjustment through self-determination theory

Aylin Koçak, Athanasios Mouratidis, Zehra Uçanok, Patrick T. Davies

Open Access Original Paper

Mother-Father Differences in Risk Factors for Postnatal Psychological Distress: Results from the German SKKIPPI Cohort Study

Ariana Neumann, Marie Bolster, Natalja Lisewski, Katja Icke, Thomas Reinhold, Franziska Schlensog-Schuster, Christiane Ludwig-Körner, Lars Kuchinke, Thomas Keil, Stephanie Roll, Anne Berghöfer, Julia Fricke

Original Paper

Parenting Behaviors and Creativity: The Roles of Autonomous and Controlled Motivation

Xu Han, Yueqi Shi, Huiting Miao, Ling Wang

Original Paper

Negative Beliefs about Parenting and Child Externalizing Behavior: Pre-Parenthood to Early Childhood

Alison C. White, Tricia K. Neppl, Olivia N. Diggs

Original Paper

Effects of A Family-Based Program for Reducing Risk for Youth Alcohol Use in Mexico

Pablo Montero-Zamora, Eric C. Brown, Christopher L. Ringwalt, Seth J. Schwartz, Guillermo Prado, Jorge Ortiz-García

Open Access Original Paper

Community-Led Adaptations of a Promotora-Delivered Intervention for Latino Families of Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Elizabeth Rangel, Sarah Rieth, Yesenia Mejia, Laura Cervantes, Brenda Bello Vazquez, Lauren Brookman-Frazee

Original Paper

Cash Transfers Improve Economic Conditions and Reduce Maternal Stress in Rural Côte d’Ivoire

Sharon Wolf, Samuel Kembou, Amy Ogan, Kaja Jasinska

Open Access Original Paper

Inventory of School Supports-Parent Report (ISS-PR): Development and Validation with Military-Connected Families

Jake C. Steggerda, Timothy A. Cavell, Juliann H. Nicholson, Alison L. Drew, Carla Herrera, Debby Gaffney, Amy M. Smith Slep, Michael F. Lorber, Renée Spencer

Original Paper

Longitudinal Family Functioning and Mental Health in Transgender and Nonbinary Youth and Their Families

Sabra L. Katz-Wise, Vishnudas Sarda, Emmett C. Line, Breana Marchwinski, Stephanie L. Budge, Eli G. Godwin, L. B. M. Moore, Diane Ehrensaft, Milagros C. Rosal, Katharine A. Thomson

Original Paper

The Role of Descriptive and Non-Specific Outcome-Oriented Praise in Child Self-Esteem: A Multiphase, Multimethod Investigation

Jean-Michel Robichaud, Fanny Grenier, Mireille Joussemet, Geneviève A. Mageau