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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 4/2019

Uitgave 4/2019

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14-01-2019 | Review Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Excessive Force and Students with Disabilities: Legal and Practice Considerations

Antonis Katsiyannis, Jennifer Counts, Simone Adams, Robin Parks Ennis

13-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Assessing Parental Attributions through an Implicit Measure: Development and Evaluation of the Noncompliance IAT

Sarah M. Rabbitt, Christina M. Rodriguez

12-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Mental Health Cross-Informant Agreement for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Adolescents

Sarah M. Sinclair, Fred Schmidt, Kristy R. Kowatch, Christopher J. Mushquash

30-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Portuguese version of the Partner Support for Father Involvement Scale: Preliminary Validation

Natália Antunes, Salomé Vieira-Santos, Maria-Teresa Ribeiro, Magda S. Roberto

21-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

The Social Economics of Adolescent Behavior and Measuring the Behavioral Culture of Schools

Mitchell D. Wong, Paul J. Chung, Ron D. Hays, David P. Kennedy, Joan S. Tucker, Rebecca N. Dudovitz

17-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Predictors of Nighttime Fears and Sleep Problems in Young Children

Renatha El Rafihi-Ferreira, Krystal M. Lewis, Tyler McFayden, Thomas H. Ollendick

15-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Relations among Temperament, Familial Socioeconomic Status, and Inhibitory Control in Typically Developing Four-Year-Old Children

Raha Hassan, Ann S. Mills, Kimberly L. Day, Ryan J. Van Lieshout, Louis A. Schmidt

07-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Mentalization in Chilean Mothers with Children Aged 12 and 30 Months: Relation to Child Sex and Temperament and Family Socioeconomic Status

Carolina Álvarez, Paula Cristi, María Trinidad Del Real, Chamarrita Farkas

07-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Language and Self-Other Differentiation in Childhood Epilepsy: A Preliminary Report

Katharine M. Bailey, Nancie Im-Bolter

13-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Self-Management Support Intervention for Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders: The Role of Gratitude and Hope

Faith Martin, Wendy Clyne, Gemma Pearce, Andy Turner

11-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Supervisory Alliance: Key to Positive Alliances and Outcomes in Home-based Parenting Support?

Marieke de Greef, Marc J. M. H. Delsing, Bryce D. McLeod, Huub M. Pijnenburg, Ron H. J. Scholte, Judith van Vugt, Marion J. C. van Hattum

13-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Delivering a Parenting Program in South Africa: The Impact of Implementation on Outcomes

Yulia Shenderovich, Manuel Eisner, Lucie Cluver, Jenny Doubt, McKenzie Berezin, Sybil Majokweni, Aja Louise Murray

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Attachment Representations in Mothers and Their Children Diagnosed with ADHD: Distribution, Transmission and Impact on Treatment Outcome

Pernille Darling Rasmussen, Niels Bilenberg, Yael Shmueli-Goetz, Erik Simonsen, Anders Bo Bojesen, Ole Jakob Storebø

11-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Identity Synthesis as a Pathway Linking Parenting and Emerging Adults’ Internalizing Problems

Xiaoli Zong, Charissa S. L. Cheah, Jing Yu, Hui Jun Lim, Kathy T. T. Vu, Nneka Opara

19-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Psychiatric Disorders in Mothers of Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Population-Based Perspective

Kendra J. Homan, William J. Barbaresi, Michael W. Mellon, Amy L. Weaver, Jill M. Killian, Amanda R. Lucchetti, Slavica K. Katusic

13-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Internet Help-Seeking Juveniles with OCD: An Examination of Severity, Symptoms, Disability and Motivation

Katrina A. Rufino, Elizabeth McIngvale, Eric A. Storch

31-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Change in Mothers’ Perception of Well-being and Distress following Treatment of Child Conduct Problems

Roar Solholm, Ragnhild Bjørknes, Reidar Jakobsen

12-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Parental Control for Latinas and Non-Latinas: Implications for Emerging Adult Mental Health

Aya Shigeto, Joseph G. Grzywacz, Ming Cui

22-01-2019 | Uitgave 4/2019

A Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors: A Pilot Study with Mixed Methods Evaluation

Katleen Van der Gucht, Jana Glas, Lucia De Haene, Peter Kuppens, Filip Raes

12-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Associations between Emotion Regulation and Parental Reflective Functioning

Alysse M. Schultheis, Linda C. Mayes, Helena J. V. Rutherford

25-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Preliminary Support for the Theory of Planned Behavior in Pre-Parent Discipline Intentions

Tabitha C. Fleming, Joaquín Borrego Jr.

13-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Correlates of Parent-Child Physiological Synchrony and Emotional Parenting: Differential Associations in Varying Interactive Contexts

Zhuo Rachel Han, Mengyu M. Gao, Julia Yan, Xiaoyi Hu, Wen Zhou, Xiaomei Li

30-01-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Parenting in Context: Associations of Parental Depression and Socioeconomic Factors with Parenting Behaviors

Allison Vreeland, Meredith A. Gruhn, Kelly H. Watson, Alexandra H. Bettis, Bruce E. Compas, Rex Forehand, Alexandra D. Sullivan

15-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Pathways to Parenting: Predictors of Prenatal Bonding in a Sample of Expectant Mothers and Fathers Exposed to Contextual Risk

Carolyn Joy Dayton, Suzanne Brown, Jessica Goletz, Laurel Hicks, Carla Barron, Michelle Sperlich, Joanne Smith-Darden

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2019

Parent-Grandparent Coparenting Relationship, Maternal Parenting Self-efficacy, and Young Children’s Social Competence in Chinese Urban Families

Xiaowei Li, Yan Liu

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