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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 4/2018

Uitgave 4/2018

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17-02-2018 | Review | Uitgave 4/2018

Maternal Depression in Families of Children with ADHD: A Meta-Analysis

Kristene Cheung, Kelsey Aberdeen, Michelle A. Ward, Jennifer Theule

09-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Accuracy of Retrospective Reports of Family Environment

David C. Bell, Linda G. Bell

27-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Validity of Adolescent and Parent Reports on the Six-Item ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-6) in Clinical Assessments of Adolescent Social Anxiety

Lauren M. Keeley, Bridget A. Makol, Noor Qasmieh, Danielle E. Deros, Jeremy N. Karp, Melanie F. Lipton, Tara M. Augenstein, Michelle L. Truong, Sarah J. Racz, Andres De Los Reyes

20-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Assessing Parental Readiness to Change: A Psychometric Evaluation of the READI-SF in a Community Sample

Kaitlin B. Proctor, Elizabeth Brestan-Knight, Jinyan Fan, Kim R. Zlomke

11-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Are There Gender Differences in Emotion Comprehension? Analysis of the Test of Emotion Comprehension

Angel M. Fidalgo, Harriet R. Tenenbaum, Ana Aznar

28-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Going Beyond Frequency: A Qualitative Study to Explore New Dimensions for the Measurement of Family Meals

Margie R. Skeer, Kendrin R. Sonneville, Bhushan R. Deshpande, Matthew C. Goodridge, Sara C. Folta

02-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Validation Study of the Portuguese Version of the Family Problem Solving Communication (FPSC) Index

Gabriela Fonseca, Carla Crespo, Laurie D. McCubbin, Ana Paula Relvas

13-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

The Longitudinal Impact of a Family-Based Communication Intervention on Observational and Self-Reports of Sexual Communication

Wendy Hadley, Amy Lansing, David H. Barker, Larry K. Brown, Heather Hunter, Geri Donenberg, Ralph J. DiClemente

08-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

The Treatment of Childhood Disruptive Behavior Disorders in Ambulatory Mental Health Centers

Amit Baumel

12-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Home-Based vs. Clinic-Based Parent–Child Interaction Therapy: Comparative Effectiveness in the Context of Dissemination and Implementation

Timothy R. Fowles, Joshua J. Masse, Lucy McGoron, Ryan M. Beveridge, Ariel A. Williamson, Marissa A. Smith, Brendt P. Parrish

01-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Evaluation of a Train-The-Trainers Model for Family Peer Advocates in Children’s Mental Health

Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood, S. Serene Olin, Amy Storfer-Isser, Anne Kuppinger, Priscilla Shorter, Nicole M. Wang, Michele Pollock, Robin Peth-Pierce, Sarah Horwitz

22-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

The Nurturing Program: An Intervention for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Rosalinda Strano Burton, Jennifer Zwahr-Castro, Cara L. Magrane, Hugo Hernandez, Laura G. Farley, Nancy Amodei

28-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Program on Young Children’s Self-Regulation, Prosocial Behavior and Hyperactivity

Melanie Viglas, Michal Perlman

10-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Veterans’ Offspring’s Personality Traits and the Intergenerational Transmission of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Jacob Y. Stein, Yafit Levin, Gadi Zerach, Zahava Solomon

17-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Parental Problem Drinking and Emerging Adult Problem Behavior: The Moderating Role of Parental Support

Laura J. Finan, Emily Simpson, Jessica Schulz, Christine McCauley Ohannessian

24-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Understanding the Relationship between Poverty and Children’s Mental Health in Poverty-Stricken Area of China: Social Causation or Social Selection?

Chunkai Li, Shan Jiang, Xican Yin

11-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Caregiving Attitudes, Personal Loss, and Stress-Related Growth Among Siblings of Adults with Mental Illness

Jaclyn E. Leith, Thomas C. Jewell, Catherine H. Stein

01-02-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Mental Health of Parents of Children with Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome in Brazil

Luana Elayne Cunha de Souza, Tiago Jessé Souza de Lima, Erlane Marques Ribeiro, André Luiz Santos Pessoa, Thamyres Costa Figueiredo, Luiza Barbosa Porto Lima

23-02-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Recalled Challenging Parenting Behavior and Anxiety in Adulthood: An Exploratory Retrospective Cohort Study

Rebecca S. Lazarus, Lauren F. McLellan, Jennifer L. Hudson

14-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Parent–Child Informant Discrepancy is Associated with Poorer Treatment Outcome

Julia Goolsby, Brendan A. Rich, Benjamin Hinnant, Serene Habayeb, Lisa Berghorst, Andres De Los Reyes, Mary K. Alvord

31-01-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Family Poverty, Family Processes and Children’s Preschool Achievement: Understanding the Unique Role of Fathers

Claire E. Baker, Kirsten L. Kainz, Elizabeth R. Reynolds

18-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

State Trust in Middle Childhood: An Experimental Manipulation of Maternal Support

Eva Vandevivere, Guy Bosmans, Sanne Roels, Adinda Dujardin, Caroline Braet

22-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Barriers to Participation in Parenting Programs: The Relationship between Parenting Stress, Perceived Barriers, and Program Completion

Whitney L. Rostad, Angela D. Moreland, Linda Anne Valle, Mark J. Chaffin

26-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Fostering Insights: A Strengths-Based Theory of Parental Transformation

Julie A. Broski, Winnie Dunn

05-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Parental Relations and Family Functioning in Non-Offending Caregivers of Abused Children

Faridah Kristi Cabbigat, Maria Kangas

13-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Similarities and Differences in the Psychosocial Development of Children Placed in Different 24-h Settings

Harmke Leloux-Opmeer, Chris Kuiper, Hanna Swaab, Evert Scholte

27-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Family Functioning during Adolescence: The Roles of Paternal and Maternal Emotion Dysregulation and Parent–Adolescent Relationships

Longfeng Li, Liu Bai, Xiao Zhang, Yinghe Chen

30-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Psychosocial Needs of Children in Foster Care and the Impact of Sexual Abuse

Anne Steenbakkers, Ingunn T. Ellingsen, Steffie van der Steen, Hans Grietens

30-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Perceived Parental Acceptance-Rejection and Children’s Psychological Adjustment: The Moderating Effects of Sex and Age

Isabel Ramírez-Uclés, María José González-Calderón, Victoria del Barrio-Gándara, Miguel Ángel Carrasco

28-11-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Impact of Affective Profiles on School Refusal in a Spanish Sample of Primary Education

Ricardo Sanmartín, Cándido J. Inglés, Carolina Gonzálvez, María Vicent, Cecilia Ruiz-Esteban, José Manuel García-Fernández

04-12-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2018

Lifestyles, Informal Controls, and Youth Victimization Risk in South Korea and the United States

Sujung Cho, John Wooldredge

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