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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 4/2017

Uitgave 4/2017

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23-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Parent-Professional Alliance and Outcomes of Child, Parent, and Family Treatment: A Systematic Review

Marieke de Greef, Huub M. Pijnenburg, Marion J. C. van Hattum, Bryce D. McLeod, Ron H. J. Scholte

20-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Perceived Parental Hostility and Aggression, and Children’s Psychological Maladjustment, and Negative Personality Dispositions: A Meta-Analysis

Abdul Khaleque

22-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017 Open Access

Adolescents’ Behaviors as Moderators for the Link between Parental Self-Efficacy and Parenting Practices

Terese Glatz, Allison Cotter, Christy M. Buchanan

24-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Can Self-Reassurance Buffer against the Impact of Bullying? Effects on Body Shame and Disordered Eating in Adolescence

Cristiana Duarte, José Pinto-Gouveia

25-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Parental Attachment and Body Satisfaction in Adolescents

Tamás Dömötör Szalai, Edit Czeglédi, András Vargha, Ferenc Grezsa

23-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

School-Aged Children’s Attachment Dismissal Prospectively Predicts Divergence of Their Behavioral and Self-Reported Anxiety

Jessica L. Borelli Ph.D., Leslie C. Ho, Lucas Sohn, Lane Epps, Mae Coyiuto, Jessica L. West

21-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Barriers to Adherence to Child Assessment Recommendations

Lilia E. Mucka, Jon Hinrichs, Fredrick Upton, Lesley Hetterscheidt, Jeffrey Kuentzel, Marla Bartoi, Douglas Barnett

07-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

The Observation of Child Behavior During Parent-Child Interaction: The Psychometric Properties of the Crowell Procedure

Laurie Loop, Bénédicte Mouton, Elise Brassart, Isabelle Roskam

09-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

In the Same Ballpark or a Whole New Ball Game? Staff as Raters of Youth Behavior

Valerie B. Shapiro, Sarah Accomazzo, Jennifer L. Robitaille

29-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Parentification of Adult Siblings of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Theodore S. Tomeny, Tammy D. Barry, Elizabeth C. Fair, Robyn Riley

21-11-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Parents’ Marital Status and Child Physical Abuse Potential: The Mediation of Depression Symptoms

Diogo Lamela, Bárbara Figueiredo

07-02-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Family Disruption and Social, Emotional and Behavioral Functioning in Middle Childhood

Hanne-Lise Falgreen Eriksen, Camilla Hvidtfeldt, Helene Bie Lilleør

19-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Behavioral Problems in Taiwanese Children of Adolescent and Adult Mothers

Chia-Kuei Lee, Colleen Corte, Shan-Tair Wang

09-01-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Children’s Coping Strategies to Inter-Parental Conflict: The Moderating Role of Attachment

Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio, John Grych

09-01-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

School Aged Children’s Experiences 7 and 13 Months Following a Sibling’s Death

Dorothy Brooten, JoAnne M. Youngblut

21-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Emotion Regulation of Preschool Children in Foster Care: The Influence of Maternal Depression and Parenting

Brenda Jones Harden, Carlomagno Panlilio, Colleen Morrison, Aimee Drouin Duncan, Melissa Duchene, Robert B. Clyman

28-01-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

The Role of Placement History and Current Family Environment in Children’s Aggression in Foster Care

Kristin J. Perry, Joseph M. Price

09-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Evaluation of Violence Prevention Approaches Among Early Adolescents: Moderating Effects of Disability Status and Gender

Terri N. Sullivan, Kevin S. Sutherland, Albert D. Farrell, Katherine A. Taylor, Sarah T. Doyle

09-01-2017 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Effects of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Youth

Megan Kiely Mueller, Leslie McCullough

02-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Authoritative Parenting of Chinese Mothers of Children with and without Intellectual Disability

Hui Su, Monica Cuskelly, Linda Gilmore, Karen Sullivan

30-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

An Investigation of Factors that Influence Acceptability of Parent Training

Trisha Chase, Gretchen Gimpel Peacock

26-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Shyness, Unsociability, and Socio-Emotional Functioning at Preschool: The Protective Role of Peer Acceptance

Stefania Sette, Federica Zava, Emma Baumgartner, Roberto Baiocco, Robert J. Coplan

27-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Moral Disengagement and the Propensity to Endorse Physical Punishment Practices

Frances Lee Houwing, Kay Bussey

26-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers for Children and Adolescents: Modeling Variation in Facility Definition Type

Sean E. Lynch, Judith L. Teich, Kelley E. Smith

31-12-2016 | Original Paper | Uitgave 4/2017

Strategies Developed by Service Providers to Enhance Treatment Engagement by Immigrant Parents Raising a Child with a Disability

Elise Brassart, Claudia Prévost, Carine Bétrisey, Maude Lemieux, Chantal Desmarais

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