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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 4/2017

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Parent-Professional Alliance and Outcomes of Child, Parent, and Family Treatment: A Systematic Review

Marieke de Greef, Huub M. Pijnenburg, Marion J. C. van Hattum, Bryce D. McLeod, Ron H. J. Scholte

Open Access Original Paper

Adolescents’ Behaviors as Moderators for the Link between Parental Self-Efficacy and Parenting Practices

Terese Glatz, Allison Cotter, Christy M. Buchanan

Original Paper

Parental Attachment and Body Satisfaction in Adolescents

Tamás Dömötör Szalai, Edit Czeglédi, András Vargha, Ferenc Grezsa

Original Paper

School-Aged Children’s Attachment Dismissal Prospectively Predicts Divergence of Their Behavioral and Self-Reported Anxiety

Jessica L. Borelli, Leslie C. Ho, Lucas Sohn, Lane Epps, Mae Coyiuto, Jessica L. West

Original Paper

Barriers to Adherence to Child Assessment Recommendations

Lilia E. Mucka, Jon Hinrichs, Fredrick Upton, Lesley Hetterscheidt, Jeffrey Kuentzel, Marla Bartoi, Douglas Barnett

Original Paper

The Observation of Child Behavior During Parent-Child Interaction: The Psychometric Properties of the Crowell Procedure

Laurie Loop, Bénédicte Mouton, Elise Brassart, Isabelle Roskam

Original Paper

In the Same Ballpark or a Whole New Ball Game? Staff as Raters of Youth Behavior

Valerie B. Shapiro, Sarah Accomazzo, Jennifer L. Robitaille

Original Paper

Parentification of Adult Siblings of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Theodore S. Tomeny, Tammy D. Barry, Elizabeth C. Fair, Robyn Riley

Original Paper

Family Disruption and Social, Emotional and Behavioral Functioning in Middle Childhood

Hanne-Lise Falgreen Eriksen, Camilla Hvidtfeldt, Helene Bie Lilleør

Original Paper

Behavioral Problems in Taiwanese Children of Adolescent and Adult Mothers

Chia-Kuei Lee, Colleen Corte, Shan-Tair Wang

Original Paper

Children’s Coping Strategies to Inter-Parental Conflict: The Moderating Role of Attachment

Elena Camisasca, Sarah Miragoli, Paola Di Blasio, John Grych

Original Paper

Emotion Regulation of Preschool Children in Foster Care: The Influence of Maternal Depression and Parenting

Brenda Jones Harden, Carlomagno Panlilio, Colleen Morrison, Aimee Drouin Duncan, Melissa Duchene, Robert B. Clyman

Original Paper

Evaluation of Violence Prevention Approaches Among Early Adolescents: Moderating Effects of Disability Status and Gender

Terri N. Sullivan, Kevin S. Sutherland, Albert D. Farrell, Katherine A. Taylor, Sarah T. Doyle

Original Paper

Authoritative Parenting of Chinese Mothers of Children with and without Intellectual Disability

Hui Su, Monica Cuskelly, Linda Gilmore, Karen Sullivan

Original Paper

An Investigation of Factors that Influence Acceptability of Parent Training

Trisha Chase, Gretchen Gimpel Peacock

Original Paper

Shyness, Unsociability, and Socio-Emotional Functioning at Preschool: The Protective Role of Peer Acceptance

Stefania Sette, Federica Zava, Emma Baumgartner, Roberto Baiocco, Robert J. Coplan

Original Paper

Strategies Developed by Service Providers to Enhance Treatment Engagement by Immigrant Parents Raising a Child with a Disability

Elise Brassart, Claudia Prévost, Carine Bétrisey, Maude Lemieux, Chantal Desmarais