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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 2/2018

Inhoudsopgave (28 Artikelen)

Original Paper

A Systematic Review of Courses, Training, and Interventions for Adoptive Parents

Filip Drozd, Hans Bugge Bergsund, Karianne Thune Hammerstrøm, Marit Bergum Hansen, Heidi Jacobsen

Original Paper

Behavioral Problems Reported by Adolescents and Parents from HIV Affected Families in China

Li Li, W. Scott Comulada, Chiao-Wen Lan, Chunqing Lin, Yongkang Xiao, Guoping Ji

Original Paper

Total and Attuned Multiple Autonomy Support and the Social Development of Early Adolescents

Francisco Alexandre Melo Simões, Maria Manuela de Amorim Calheiros, Madalena Moutinho Alarcão e Silva, Áurea Sandra Toledo Sousa, Osvaldo Dias Lopes da Silva

Original Paper

Ceiling Effects and Floor Effects of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory

Kanako Taku, Shuhei Iimura, Leah McDiarmid

Original Paper

Longitudinal Patterns of Self-Regulation among Ethnic Minority Children Facing Poverty

Maryam Kia-Keating, Karen Nylund-Gibson, Brett M. Kia-Keating, Christine Schock, Ryan P. Grimm

Open Access Original Paper

Maltreated Children Use More Grammatical Negations

Franziska Knolle, Claire D. Vallotton, Catherine C. Ayoub

Original Paper

Development, Social-Emotional Behavior and Resilience of Orphaned Children in a Family-Oriented Setting

Berhanu N. Worku, Teklu G. Abessa, Evelien Franssen, Marleen Vanvuchelen, Patrick Kolsteren, Marita Granitzer

Original Paper

A Triage Tool to Assess Unmet Health Needs for Children Entering Foster Care

Kelly L. Hodges, Divya Manda, Melodee L. Nugent, Pippa M. Simpson

Original Paper

Differential Effects of Family Stress Exposure and Harsh Parental Discipline on Child Social Competence

Kristine L. Creavey, Lisa M. Gatzke-Kopp, Gregory M. Fosco

Original Paper

Father Involvement and Behavior Problems among Preadolescents at Risk of Maltreatment

Susan Yoon, Jennifer L. Bellamy, Wonhee Kim, Dalhee Yoon

Original Paper

The Family Stress Model as it Applies to Custodial Grandfamilies: A Cross Validation

Gregory C. Smith, Bert Hayslip Jr, Gregory R. Hancock, William Merchant, Julian Montoro-Rodriguez, Frederick Strieder

Original Paper

Adjustment Profiles of Low-Income Caregivers from the United States and South Africa: Contrasts and Commonalities

Wendy Kliewer, Joana Salifu Yendork, Anna W. Wright, Basil J. Pillay

Original Paper

Braiding Two Evidence-Based Programs for Families At-Risk: Results of a Cluster Randomized Trial

Kate Guastaferro, Betty S. Lai, Katy Miller, Jenelle Shanley Chatham, Daniel J. Whitaker, Shannon Self-Brown, Allison Kemner, John R. Lutzker

Original Paper

Maternal and Paternal Predictors of Child Depressive Symptoms: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Framework

Kyle W. Murdock, Laura D. Pittman, Christopher P. Fagundes

Original Paper

Testing a Cognitive Pathway Between Temperament and Childhood Anxiety

Colette Gramszlo, Elena M. C. Geronimi, Brenda Arellano, Janet Woodruff-Borden

Original Paper

Parental Distress and Child Behavior Problems: Parenting Behaviors as Mediators

Catherine M. Sanner, Cameron L. Neece

Original Paper

Exhausted Parents: Sociodemographic, Child-Related, Parent-Related, Parenting and Family-Functioning Correlates of Parental Burnout

Moïra Mikolajczak, Marie-Emilie Raes, Hervé Avalosse, Isabelle Roskam

Original Paper

Trajectories of Early Parenting Practices among Low-Income Ethnically Diverse Women

Anna K. Ettinger, Anne W. Riley, Elizabeth Colantuoni, Tamar Mendelson

Original Paper

Predictors of Mothers’ Self-Identified Challenges in Parenting Infants: Insights from a Large, Nationally Diverse Cohort

Maria T. Corkin, Elizabeth R. Peterson, Natalija Andrejic, Karen E. Waldie, Elaine Reese, Susan M. B. Morton