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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 2/2004

Uitgave 2/2004

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01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Evidence-Based Practice. Part I: General Methodology

Nirbhay N. Singh, Donald P. Oswald

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Recognizing the Threat Posed by an Incestuous Parent to the Victim's Siblings: Part I: Appraising the Risk

Robin F. Wilson

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

MACI Personality Patterns and DSM-IV Symptomology in a Sample of Troubled Mexican-American Adolescents

Tracie L. Blumentritt, Rebecca L. Angle, Jeffrey M. Brown

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

System-of-Care Practice Review Scores as Predictors of Behavioral Symptomatology and Functional Impairment

Robert L. Stephens, E. Wayne Holden, Mario Hernandez

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Relationship of Acculturation and Family Functioning to Smoking Attitudes and Behaviors Among Asian-American Adolescents

Jie Wu Weiss, James A. Garbanati

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Female Juvenile Offending: A Review of Characteristics and Contexts

Ronald L. Mullis, Thomas A. Cornille, Ann K. Mullis, Jessica Huber

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Parental Morality and Family Processes as Predictors of Adolescent Morality

Fiona A. White, Kenan M. Matawie

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

The Mental Health Needs of Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Placed in Special Education Programs in Urban Schools

Krista Kutash, Albert J. Duchnowski

01-06-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Book Review: Multicoloured Mayhem: Parenting the Many Shades of Adolescents and Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and ADHD. By Jacqui Jackson. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 2004

Judy Singh

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