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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2022

Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Familial Pride: A Protective Factor Against Psychological Maladjustment Among Asian American Adolescents

Puja Patel, Gabriela L. Stein, Joseph K. Sircar, Scott W. Plunkett, Michele Chan

Original Paper

Adolescents’ Capacity to Make Decisions in Healthcare: Perspectives of Serbian Primary Care Physicians

Vida Jeremic Stojkovic, Danya F. Vears, Bojana Matejic, Tatjana Gazibara, Karel Turza, Smiljana Cvjetkovic

Original Paper

The Impact of an Intensive Summer Treatment Program for Adolescents with ADHD: A Qualitative Study of Parent and Young Adult Perspectives

Carlos E. Yeguez, Robert R. Ogle, Morgan L. Jusko, Raquel Melendez, Margaret H. Sibley

Original Paper

Role of Rumination in the Association between Discrimination and Adolescents’ Mental and Physical Health

Ashley Ann Dondanville, Abbie Bordewyk, Patrick Pössel

Original Paper

Primary Caregiver Influence on Youth Correctional Misconduct

Daniel Scott, Natalie Goulette, Shaena Carson

Original Paper

Gender Differences in the Effects of Academic Achievement on Depressive Symptoms During Adolescence

Minglee Yong, Carolyn A. McCarty, Ann Vander Stoep, Elizabeth A. McCauley

Open Access Original Paper

Behavioral Improvements but Limited Change in Callous-Unemotional Traits in Adolescents Treated for Conduct Problems

Dagfinn Mørkrid Thøgersen, Mette Elmose, Essi Viding, Eamon McCrory, Gunnar Bjørnebekk

Original Paper

The Development and Validation of the Interpersonal Problem-Solving Inventory for Elementary School Students

Thao Thi Do, Cong Khanh Nguyen, My Linh Thi Nguyen, Hong Gam Thi Luong, Quang Vinh Nguyen, Ha Thi Tran

Original Paper

Positive Parenting Scale (E2P): Evidence of Validity and Reliability in a Chilean Sample

Esteban Gómez Muzzio, Leyla Contreras Yévenes, José Pezoa Sandoval

Original Paper

Observational Measurement of Attachment in Toddlers with Disruptive Behavior Using the Strange Situation Procedure and Attachment Q-Set

Corey Lieneman, Jane Kohlhoff, Sara Cibralic, Nancy Wallace, Erinn Hawkins, Susan Morgan, Cheryl B. McNeil

Open Access Original Paper

Validation of Perceived Academic Support Questionnaire (PASQ): a study using a sample of Dominican Republic high-school students

Betty Reyes, Sara Martínez-Gregorio, Laura Galiana, José M. Tomás, Saturnino De los Santos


Exposure to Negative Life Events and Parental Subjective Evaluations of Stress: A Meta-Analysis

Audrey Gauthier-Légaré, George M. Tarabulsy, Geneviève Ouellet, Lisa-Marie Gagné, Émilie Langlois

Original Paper

When Parents Wear Dark Glasses: An Experimental Study on Parental Negative Attributions and Parenting Behavior

Benedicte Mouton, Joyce Weeland, Patty Leijten, Geertjan Overbeek

Original Paper

How-to-Parenting-Program: Change in Parenting and Child Mental Health over One Year

Geneviève A. Mageau, Mireille Joussemet, Chantal Paquin, Fanny Grenier

Original Paper

Online ACT Matrix Parent Training for Japanese-Speaking Mothers with Distress in the United States

Yukie Kurumiya, Yors Garcia, Annette K. Griffith, Thomas G. Szabo