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Journal of Child and Family Studies 12/2018
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2018


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28-07-2018 | Review Paper

Self-Regulation: Learning Across Disciplines
Ailbhe Booth, Eilis Hennessy, Orla Doyle

13-08-2018 | Review Paper

Informal Support among Low-Income Mothers Post Welfare Reform:A Systematic Review
Melissa Radey

11-08-2018 | Original Paper

The Abbreviated Dysregulation Inventory: Dimensionality and Psychometric Properties in Portuguese Adolescents
Carolina Dall’Antonia da Motta, Daniel Rijo, Paula Vagos, Bruno Sousa

04-09-2018 | Original Paper

Preliminary Validity of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory with Taiwanese Clinic-Referred Children
Yi-Chuen Chen, Beverly L. Fortson, Jennifer D. Tiano

31-08-2018 | Original Paper

The Role of Ethnic Socialization, Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem: Implications for Bi-ethnic Adolescents’ School Adjustment
Jiyeon Lee, Yuen Mi Cheon, Xinying Wei, Grace H. Chung

11-08-2018 | Original Paper

Family Unpredictability and Psychological Distress in Early Adulthood: The Role of Family Closeness and Coping Mechanisms
Amy M. Kolak, Candace L. Van Wade, Lisa Thomson Ross

11-08-2018 | Original Paper

Well-being and Substance Use in Emerging Adulthood: The Role of Individual and Family Factors in Childhood and Adolescence
ChienTi Plummer Lee, Troy Beckert, Ian Marsee

13-08-2018 | Original Paper

Relationship Quality among Chronically Ill Children and their Parents
Hadas Doron, Meirav Hen, Adi Sharabi-Nov

17-08-2018 | Original Paper

Economic Stress in Fragile Families: Pathways to Parent and Child Maladjustment
Elizabeth C. Shelleby

17-09-2018 | Original Paper

Family Risks and Adolescent Adjustment in Chinese Contexts: Testing the Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence
Rebecca Y. M. Cheung, Man Chong Leung, Kevin Kien Hoa Chung, Hoi Yan Cheung

13-09-2018 | Original Paper

Family Imprisonment, Maternal Parenting Stress and Its Impact on Mother-Child Relationship Satisfaction
Kirsten L. Besemer, Susan M. Dennison

14-08-2018 | Original Paper

Promoting Mental Health in Disadvantaged Preschoolers: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of Teacher Training Effects
Maria João Seabra-Santos, Maria Filomena Gaspar, Sofia O. Major, Joshua Patras, Andreia F. Azevedo, Tatiana C. Homem, Mariana Pimentel, Elsa Baptista, Sihu Klest, Vera Vale

25-08-2018 | Original Paper

Adolescents’ Perceptions of Post-treatment Change: Making Progress Toward a Developmentally-Sensitive Evaluation Process
Tally Moses, Emily J. Claypool

15-08-2018 | Original Paper

Exploring experiences of children in applying a school-based mindfulness programme to their lives
Julia K. Hutchinson, Jaci C. Huws, Dusana Dorjee

09-08-2018 | Original Paper

Relations Between Parents’ Anxiety Symptoms, Marital Quality, and Preschoolers’ Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors
Keren Hanetz Gamliel, Daphna G. Dollberg, Sigal Levy

14-08-2018 | Original Paper

Empathy, Depressive Symptoms, and Self-Esteem in Adolescence: The Moderating Role of the Mother–Adolescent Relationship
Lindsey M. Green, Lies Missotten, Erin B. Tone, Koen Luyckx

17-09-2018 | Original Paper

Exploring the Relationships Between Maternal Mental Health Symptoms and Young Children’s Functioning in a Low-Income, Minority Sample
Abigail Palmer Molina, Sonya Negriff, William Monro, Ferol E. Mennen

12-08-2018 | Original Paper

Family Allocentrism and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms: The Role of Self-Identity Style
Jian-Bin Li, Elisa Delvecchio, Adriana Lis, Claudia Mazzeschi

20-08-2018 | Original Paper

Perceived Negative Peer Relationships Moderate the Association between Childhood Emotional Abuse and Nonsuicidal Self-injury
Amber R. Madden, Funlola Are, Hannah Rea, Kristel Thomassin, Anne Shaffer

22-08-2018 | Original Paper

Socioeconomic Status, Emotional/Behavioral Difficulties, and Social Competence among Preschool Children in Japan
Rikuya Hosokawa, Toshiki Katsura

29-08-2018 | Original Paper

Maternal ADHD Symptoms and Physical Child Abuse Risk: A Multi-Informant Study
Christina M. Rodriguez, Samantha Gonzalez, Ashley R. Foiles

07-08-2018 | Original Paper

Parental criticism moderates sibling influence on proactive and reactive aggression
Andrew L. Frazer, Paula J. Fite, Katie J. Stone, Jayne Clinkenbeard

14-08-2018 | Original Paper

Mothers’ and Fathers’ Roles in Child Adjustment: Parenting Practices and Mothers’ Emotion Socialization as Predictors
Rebecca Y. M. Cheung, Courtney Boise, E. Mark Cummings, Patrick T. Davies

15-08-2018 | Original Paper

The Mediating Effects of Parentification on the Relation Between Parenting Behavior and Well-Being and Depressive Symptoms in Early Adolescents
Shelby Burton, Lisa M. Hooper, Sara Tomek, Bridget Cauley, Ahmad Washington, Patrick Pössel

11-08-2018 | Original Paper

Self-Regulation, Learning Problems, and Maternal Authoritarian Parenting in Chinese Children: A Developmental Cascades Model
Junsheng Liu, Bowen Xiao, Will E. Hipson, Robert J. Coplan, Panpan Yang, Charissa S. L. Cheah

20-08-2018 | Original Paper

Parenting Stress and Emotion Dysregulation among Children with Developmental Delays: The Role of Parenting Behaviors
Neilson Chan, Cameron L. Neece

21-08-2018 | Original Paper

Impact of Parenting Behaviors on Adolescent Suicide Based on Age of Adolescent
Keith A. King, Rebecca A. Vidourek, Robert A. Yockey, Ashley L. Merianos

07-09-2018 | Original Paper

Mothers’ Attitudes as Organizers of Discipline Practices and Related Anticipatory Processes
Michael F. Lorber, Jaimee Stuart

12-08-2018 | Original Paper

Parenting Behaviors, Neighborhood Quality, and Substance Use in 9th and 10th Grade Latino Males
Carolyn S. Henry, Mayra Y. Bámaca-Colbert, Chao Liu, Scott W. Plunkett, Bobby L. Kern, Andrew O. Behnke, Isaac J. Washburn

17-08-2018 | Original Paper

Cross-Lagged Panel Analyses of Child Shyness, Maternal and Paternal Authoritarian Parenting, and Teacher-Child Relationships in Mainland China
Junsheng Liu, Bowen Xiao, Robert J. Coplan, Xinyin Chen, Dan Li

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