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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2016

Inhoudsopgave (33 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Parental Psychopathology in Families of Children with ADHD: A Meta-analysis

Kristene Cheung, Jennifer Theule

Original Paper

Social Support as a School Victimisation Risk Factor

Eduardo Díaz Herráiz, Raquel Bartolomé Gutiérrez

Original Paper

Maltreated and Comparison Adolescents’ Recollections of Lifetime Residences: Relationship to Delinquency and Marijuana Use

Janet U. Schneiderman, Andrea K. Kennedy, Sonya Negriff, Jennifer Jones, Penelope K. Trickett

Original Paper

Reducing Social Stress in Urban Adolescents with Peer Network Counseling

Michael J. Mason, Nikola M. Zaharakis, Roy Sabo

Original Paper

Patterns of Metaperception in Adolescents with Social Anxiety: Mind Reading in the Classroom

Klaus Ranta, Eero Laakkonen, Päivi M. Niemi

Original Paper

Factors Associated with Psychological Maladjustment of Mexican Adolescents Living in Poverty

Joaquina Palomar-Lever, Amparo Victorio-Estrada

Original Paper

Affect in Play Scale-Preschool Version: Validation on a Sample of School Age Italian Children

Elisa Delvecchio, Daniela di Riso, Jian-Bin Li, Adriana Lis, Claudia Mazzeschi

Original Paper

Parent Involvement in Secondary Special Education and Transition: An Exploratory Psychometric Study

Kara. A. Hirano, S. Andrew Garbacz, Lina Shanley, Dawn A. Rowe

Original Paper

Validity and Reliability of the Parenting Stress Index Short Form (PSI-SF) Applied to a Chilean Sample

Marcela Aracena, Esteban Gómez, Consuelo Undurraga, Loreto Leiva, Katitza Marinkovic, Yerko Molina

Open Access Original Paper

Psychological Inflexibility and Child Anxiety

Ellin Simon, Peter Verboon

Original Paper

Family Conflict Moderates the Relation Between Negative Mood and Youth Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms

Jill A. Rabinowitz, Deborah A. G. Drabick, Maureen D. Reynolds

Original Paper

Day-to-day Consistency in Positive Parent–Child Interactions and Youth Well-Being

Melissa A. Lippold, Kelly D. Davis, Katie M. Lawson, Susan M. McHale

Original Paper

Parent Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Infants at Risk: A Follow-up Study

Chloe Qian Wang, Melissa Hudson, Xudong Liu, Rebecca Ward, Maurice Feldman

Original Paper

The Association of Fly-in Fly-out Employment, Family Connectedness, Parental Presence and Adolescent Wellbeing

Leanne Lester, Jacinth Watson, Stacey Waters, Donna Cross

Original Paper

Parents’ Intelligence Mindsets Relate to Child Internalizing Problems: Moderation Through Child Gender

Jessica L. Schleider, Hans S. Schroder, Sharon L. Lo, Megan Fisher, Judith H. Danovitch, John R. Weisz, Jason S. Moser

Original Paper

The Care and Development of Children Living in Contexts of Poverty

Carlos Jose De los Reyes-Aragon, Jose Amar Amar, Alberto De Castro Correa, Soraya Lewis Harb, Camilo Madariaga, Raimundo Abello-Llanos

Original Paper

High Hopes? Educational, Socioeconomic, and Ethnic Differences in Parents’ Aspirations for their Unborn Children

Elaine Reese, Elizabeth R. Peterson, Karen Waldie, Johanna Schmidt, Dinusha Bandara, Polly Atatoa Carr, Cameron Grant, Jan Pryor, Susan M.B. Morton

Original Paper

Personal and Family Perfectionism in Chinese School Students: Relationships with Learning Stress, Learning Satisfaction and Self-Reported Academic Performance Level

Hongfei Yang, Wuqiu Guo, Shiyi Yu, Lin Chen, Haozhe Zhang, Linghui Pan, Chenxi Wang, Edward C. Chang

Original Paper

Finding Fit between Work and Family Responsibilities when Caring for Children with ADHD Diagnoses

Claudia Sellmaier, Michael C. Leo, Eileen M. Brennan, Judy Kendall, Gail M. Houck

Original Paper

Coming-Out to Family Members and Internalized Sexual Stigma in Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay People

Jessica Pistella, Marco Salvati, Salvatore Ioverno, Fiorenzo Laghi, Roberto Baiocco

Original Paper

Collaboration, Empowerment, and Advocacy: Consumer Perspectives about Treatment Engagement

Sara L. Buckingham, Nicole Evangelista Brandt, Kimberly D. Becker, Deb Gordon, Nicole Cammack

Original Paper

Effects of the Incredible Years Program in Families of Children with ADHD

Julie Lessard, Sylvie Normandeau, Philippe Robaey

Original Paper

School Referral of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance to Systems of Care: Six-Month Clinical and Educational Outcomes

Jennifer Greif Green, Ziming Xuan, Lana Kwong, Jeffrey A. Anderson, Philip J. Leaf

Original Paper

Testing a Brief Substance Misuse Preventive Intervention for Parents of Pre-Adolescents: Feasibility, Acceptability, Preliminary Efficacy

Margie R. Skeer, Konstantina E. Yantsides, Misha Eliasziw, Allison R. Carlton-Smith, Migdalia R. Tracy, Anthony Spirito

Original Paper

Child Welfare Involved Parents and Pathways Triple P: Perceptions of Program Acceptability and Appropriateness

Ericka M. Lewis, Megan Feely, Kristen D. Seay, Nicole Fedoravicis, Patricia L. Kohl

Original Paper

Empathy as an Essential Foundation to Successful Foster Parenting

Jennifer M. Geiger, Megan Hayes Piel, Cynthia A. Lietz, Francie J. Julien-Chinn


Erratum to: Child Welfare Involved Parents and Pathways Triple P: Perceptions of Program Acceptability and Appropriateness

Ericka M. Lewis, Megan Feely, Kristen D. Seay, Nicole Fedoravicius, Patricia L. Kohl