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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 11/2022

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Original Paper

Circles of Support: Exploring the ‘Where’ and ‘Why’ of Parents’ of Infants Information Seeking Behaviors

Jennifer M. McCatharn, Kaitlin K. Herbert, Ran Wei, Meredith L. Rowe

Original Paper

Early Childhood Education Participation: A Mixed-Methods Study of Parent and Provider Perceived Barriers and Facilitators

Ruth Beatson, Carly Molloy, Zoe Fehlberg, Nicholas Perini, Christopher Harrop, Sharon Goldfeld

Open Access Original Paper

The Role of Grandparental Sensitivity and Parental Sensitivity in Infant Cognitive Development in China: A Pilot Study

Wei Li, Rosanneke Emmen, Mi-lan Woudstra, Marjolein Branger, Lamei Wang, Lenneke Alink, Judi Mesman

Open Access Original Paper

Measuring Parental Involvement in Dual-Earner Qatari Families

Noora Lari, Noor Al-Emadi

Open Access Original Paper

Presence of the Absent Father: Perceptions of Family among Peacekeeper-Fathered Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kirstin Wagner, Heide Glaesmer, Susan A. Bartels, Sanne Weber, Sabine Lee

Open Access Original Paper

The Working Mechanisms of Parental Involvement in Interventions for Children with Chronic Illness

Agnes M. Willemen, Erika Kuzminskaite, Heleen Maurice-Stam, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Bob F. Last, Carlo Schuengel, Linde Scholten

Original Paper

PTSD Symptoms and Coparenting among Incarcerated Fathers

Eman Tadros, Katherine A. Durante, Kathryn Sugrue, Melanie Barbini

Original Paper

Relations Among Self-Reported Maternal Stress, Smartphone Use, and Mother–Child Interactions

Berna A. Uzundağ, Cansu Oranç, Dilara Keşşafoğlu, Merve Nur Altundal

Original Paper

Parenting Stress across Time-Limited Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Zabin S. Patel, Sarah E. Maylott, W. Andrew Rothenberg, Jason Jent, Dainelys Garcia

Open Access Original Paper

Exploring Factors Associated with Parent Engagement in A Parenting Program in Southeastern Europe

Margiad E. Williams, Heather M. Foran, Judy Hutchings, Inga Frantz, Diana Taut, Jamie M. Lachman, Catherine L. Ward, Nina Heinrichs

Original Paper

How Do Victimized Youth Emotionally and Socially Appraise Common Ways Third-Party Peers Intervene?

Zoe Higheagle Strong, Karin S. Frey, Emma M. McMain, Cynthia R. Pearson, Yawen Chiu

Original Paper

Paths 2 the Future and the Development of Perceived Peer Support: A Mixed Methods Study

Katherine W. Bromley, Kara Hirano, Atika Khurana, Leslie D. Leve, Lauren Lindstrom

Original Paper

Parent and Peer Influences and Longitudinal Trajectories of Cannabis Use from Adolescence to Young Adulthood

Bonnie Leadbeater, Megan E. Ames, Alejandra Contreras, Kara Thompson, Sybil Goulet-Stock

Original Paper

Peer Communication about Antisocial Activities as a Mediator of Interparental Conflict in Mid-Adolescence and Externalizing Problems in Late Adolescence

Samuel E. Ehrenreich, Ernest N. Jouriles, Jennifer A. Mortensen, Diana J. Meter, Marion K. Underwood

Original Paper

The Relationship between Neighborhood Safety and Adolescent Substance Use: The Role of Self-Esteem and Social Support

Casey A. Pederson, Shirin Khazvand, Richelle L. Clifton, Peyton A. Carroll, Ian Carson, Jenna Harvey, Jessica Barnes-Najor, Tamika C. B. Zapolski

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